So on Saturday, we went to Channel Islands Harbor for the Chowder Fest. It was fun tasting the different chowders and a little wine, too, but it was kind of warm even by the water to be tasting hot soup. Afterward, we went back to my friend’s house and had some wine while sitting out in his front yard. Then we went to a Cajun place for dinner. It was a long day for me.

This week, I am itching to get a new chapter of You are the Light That’s Leading Me done but I have to be a certain mindset for that because of uber angst. So we will see. I’d like to get First Impressions finished and maybe a new chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All. It’s going to be a tight week for me though so we will see.

This weekend coming up is my wonderful getaway to Morro Bay


I cannot wait. I will be gone Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It’s more money than I should be spending, not going to lie, but I am going anyway and I know I will have a fantastic time.

But it also means a little less updating. I’ll get done what I can get done. Not going to worry about it.

We are only supposed to get a partial eclipse Monday between 9 and 11ish I think I read on the LA Times site. I’ll probably head outside to see what the sky looks like. And yes, I know not to go blind, *SMH* You are NEVER supposed to look at the sun people. They really think we are all idiots. Updated to add a picture of what we saw here in Southern California. A Co-worker’s photo



Hope everyone has a decent week.