My prompt, Spock confesses his love when Kirk and Spock are captured. Kirk believes it is because they are going to die, but Spock does it because they are going to live.


There was no response. He could hear the captain breathing, but he made no other sound in the darkness. From Spock’s position chained to the wall he could not see Kirk. The alien race native to this planet had chained Kirk to the opposite wall and left them in a cell of complete darkness.

They had come once to feed them, hours ago now. But otherwise they had been left alone in silence. They had not even been chained together.


“What, Spock?”

Kirk sounded weary and despondent. Spock knew he was injured. When they’d been abducted from the landing party, the one in charge had decided to beat Kirk for his insolent mouth, or so he declared. Spock had been forced to watch as Kirk had been pummeled over and over again. When they had finished pummeling him, they’d kicked him. Spock had been distraught. He had offered to take the captain’s place for the beating, but they had ignored him. Spock wanted to tear them apart, but he could do nothing. He was useless and restrained.

“Are you in severe pain?”

“Kind of a dull ache now.”

“When we return to the ship the doctor will see to your injuries.”

Jim made some sort of derisive noise. “We’re not returning to the ship, Spock. We’re going to die here.”

“I do not believe that.”

Kirk said nothing to that. Just lapsed back into his silence.


“What now?”

“There is something that I have…hesitated to inform you, but I believe I cannot withhold this information from you anymore.”

“Last confession before we die, Spock?”

“We are not going to die,” Spock insisted.

“They have no idea where we are. I’m pretty sure I’ve got internal injuries. Spock—”

“We will be rescued in time.”

“Fine. What do you want to tell me?”

“You are my friend,” Spock began.

A snort. “You’ve already established that the last time I was dying. Which I actually did die.”

Spock’s side twisted. “I am aware.”

“Well, it’s all right. I know we’re friends.”

“Jim. I wish to convey that we are more than friends.”

“Comrades. Brothers. Yeah. I get it.”

Spock closed his eyes. “You do not. Over the many months, even years, that we have served together, I have come to rely on our interactions above all others.”

“I’m not sure Uhura would be thrilled to hear that.”

“Nyota and I ended our relationship before Altamid,” Spock informed him.

“Huh. Didn’t you get back together after the whole tracking necklace thing?”

“Negative. We agreed we made better friends.” Spock exhaled very slowly. “You are an uncommonly attractive male and I have been…enamored of you for some time.” He did not think enamored was quite the correct word, but since he was pressed for time to make Kirk understand, Spock decided to go with it.

“So…you are attracted to me.”

It went far beyond attraction, of course. But at least he was getting somewhere.

“This is a really odd time to tell me you want to fuck, Spock.”

Or not.

If Spock could, he would pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“I do not want to fuck.”

There was a pregnant pause during which he was certain Jim was about to say something that would frustrate him.

“Now,” Spock quickly added. “In the future, if we are mutually prepared to—”

“A future we don’t actually have.”

“Engage in satisfactory copulation—”

“It would be more than satisfactory, buddy.”

“Then I see nothing that will impede us from doing so.”

“Being dead might impede us,” Jim said dryly.

Spock counted to five. “I am desperately in love with you,” he blurted out, before Jim could interrupt him again.

Spock felt a moment of disorientation and then heard the slight whine of the transporter engaging.

He reappeared on the transporter pad, without his restraints. As did the captain, who was even now being pounced on by McCoy.

“Get Spock to sickbay too,” McCoy barked as he carried Kirk away in a stretcher.


“What are you waiting for” Nyota asked Spock as she stepped up to him on the bridge. “Go to sickbay.”

“The bridge—”

“I’ll call Scotty to the bridge.” She swatted his shoulder. “You want to be there, Leonard said he’s awake, don’t you?”

Spock stood. “Yes.”

“Then go. He’s waiting.”

Spock had thought his duty should come before his desire to see Kirk, but Nyota was right. He did not want to wait any longer. He had advised Nyota that he had, at last, confessed his regard to their captain. Something he had discussed doing numerous times with her since the demise of their relationship.

McCoy greeted him with two raised eyebrows and pointed to the side. “Over there, Romeo.”

Spock ignored his odd reference to a teenager who killed himself, and hurried to Kirk’s biobed.

The captain was sitting up, but he looked pale and wan. “Hey.”

Spock swallowed as he got closer.

“I guess you were right again, Mister Spock. We didn’t die.”

“For which I am gratified.”

“Me too,” Jim said softly. “But that fucking you wanted to do? That’s going to have to wait. At least for a day or two.”


“Come here,” Kirk said in his most imperious captain’s voice.

Spock stepped so close he was almost on the biobed.

“Come here,” Kirk said again, gesturing for Spock to come toward his face. Spock did. Kirk tapped his lips. “Here.”

Spock pressed his lips to Jim in a gentle kiss so as not to cause his captain any injury. It was not enough. But for now, it would have to be.

Jim’s eyes were shining as Spock gazed down at him. “I’m pretty desperate too.”