Managed to get the next chapter of My Devotion up just this morning. I started it on Friday but couldn’t get it done before today. So that’s a good thing to begin the week with.

I plan to update and finish You Were Meant for Me by this coming weekend. Will Spock redeem himself? That remains to be seen.

On Friday will be the conclusion of last week’s flash fic where are One True Pair broke up.

Had a busy weekend of socializing. Went to a sort of party on Saturday but we were the only ones who showed up. We ended up drinking wine and eating pizza and spending way too much time there.

Yesterday was a family BBQ for Mother’s Day and though we sat outside, it was too cold to actually swim in the pool. Usually it’s warm on Mother’s Day but not this year. But apparently next weekend we hit back in the 90s.

I think I may be made to go to a retirement thing tonight for our mechanic who retired and sold the business. I don’t want to go, but I think the mister does and is pushing it.

This weekend coming up I have no social obligations so I meant to lay around all lazy like. I shall be a Carpathian Prince.