Got this from BlueMeetsGreen and Yaoichan.


Relationship Status: Relationshiped

Favorite color: Blue

Lipstick or Chapstick:  Blistex

Last song I listened to: Dumbledore’s Farewell from the Harry Potter movies 

What I love doing:  Running around naked

Kids or Fur babies:  Two cats

Number of siblings:  3

Person you person you last texted: SO

Reasons to smile this week: Get to veg this weekend

Worst habit(s):  I bite my fingernails, I am too sensitive to criticism

Vacation destination(s) this year: Morro Bay, San Diego, Vegas and Yellowstone

Last movie I watched:  Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Top 3 Ships:


Kirk/Spock Prime

Aragorn/Arwen LOTR

Top 3 Characters:

  1. Kirk
  2. Spock
  3. Bones