Prompt was an incorrect star chart and a clandestine kiss.


“Okay, where the hell are we exactly?”

“I don’t know, Keptin. Ze planet is supposed to be here according to the latest star charts.”

Jim looked down at Chekov’s screen. He was at the science station in place of Spock, who was currently taking leave on New Vulcan.

“What about the coordinates?” Jim demanded.

“They match too, Captain,” Sulu said from his station. “But the planet’s not here.”

Jim returned to his captain’s chair. “Any signs of an explosion or debris?”

“No, sir.”

“Lieutenant Uhura, any records of distress signals?”

“No, Captain.”

“Report this to Starfleet and ask them what our orders are.”

“Aye, sir.”

Jim took his seat. They were supposed to search for a class M planet that had been reported by and charted by a freighter for further exploration. Only when they arrived, it hadn’t been there.

They were already late returning to New Vulcan for his first officer. And Jim was getting a headache. And speaking of headaches.

The doors on to the bridge opened behind him and Bones stepped out and over to his chair.

“Jim, you’re late for your physical.”

“We’re looking for a planet, Bones.”

“Yeah, we’re always looking for a planet. That’s why we’re out here. That’s no excuse.”

“Not now, Bones. This is important.”

“It’s always important.”


Jim rose from his chair and went over to Uhura.

“Turns out the sector is wrong,” Uhura told him. She pointed to a new chart. “It’s over here.”

“That’s nowhere close to our current location.”

“Right. So we’ve been ordered to return to New Vulcan for Commander Spock and they’ll send the Constellation to investigate that planet.”

“The Constellation? They don’t know anything about—”

“Jim,” Bones said, waving a hypo.

Jim sighed. ”Fine. Thank you, Lieutenant. Mr. Sulu, change course for New Vulcan, warp three.”

“Aye, Captain.”


“Welcome back, Mr. Spock. How’s your dad?”

“Much improved, Captain,” Spock replied as they left the transporter room together. “It turned out not to be a serious illness.”

“Good. I’m glad.”

“Any problems while I was gone?”

“Nope. Just boring, routine stuff. Oh, and Bones made me do a physical.” Jim made a face.

“You were past due,” Spock said as they stepped onto the turbolift.

“Who’s side are you on?” Jim asked, grumpily.


Suddenly Spock was pushing him against the bulkhead, covering Jim’s lips with his, Spock’s tongue slipping inside Jim’s mouth.

He groaned into the kiss, about read to crawl up his first officer when the turbolift doors opened on to the bridge.

Abruptly they parted and both stepped off the turbolift.

Uhura smiled at Spock, her eyes shining. “Welcome back.”


Jim went to his captain’s seat and sat down, ignoring their whispered voices. He smiled at Sulu. “Take us to Pyris VII, warp six.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Jim turned slightly in his chair to watch Spock go to his station. He touched his fingers to his lips and then turned back to the screen.