Let’s see.

Did some cleaning this weekend. Usual laundry crap too. Went to Target and Trader Joe’s. Had an amazing salad we made for dinner on Saturday. Played some of my games.

Got my post date for my T’h’yla Bang story which is June 25, 2017. I also corresponded with my artist and I am excited to see what she will come up with.

I saw on the internet that Zach said Star Trek 4 was not guaranteed, but we already kind of knew that information from Chris when he said he hadn’t heard anything. As pointed out in one of the articles, Star Trek Beyond did not make as much money as the previous installments and given the turmoil going on at Paramount…well…who knows. Whatever happens, I am grateful to have the marvelous three movies we do have that has given me such joy writing about these fantastic characters Gene once created all those years ago. I do love the idea of our guys all reuniting but making another movie has never really been guaranteed. Hollywood holds no guarantee and Star Trek has never been the money maker that other “Star” series has been. So, we will see. As I said, these three movies have given me so much incredible pleasure. And introduced me to some wonderful, talented and HOT actors.

Zach also had to put his dog Noah to sleep this past week and having had to do that with my own pets in the past…it’s incredibly hard and sad.

We had to have one of our cats to the vets this past week too because of vomiting but she seems to be doing much better. We were quite concerned, so that’s a bit of a relief.

This weeks posts should include Where My Demons Hide, and if I can manage to also Who’s the Daddy, and You are the Light Leading Me. We will see.  I’m going to work really hard on making my chapters longer so if that happens I may not get all of that done. Especially if I am also working on my cheating story.