I’m going to get away from the stress of yesterday’s post today.

I have basically decided to do a story that I probably won’t be posting on AO3 (I never say never) because I don’t actually think it will have a lot of interest.

I intend to write this story for only a few select friends. Not because I am trying to exclude anyone, just because as I said, I don’t think the wider readership is there.

This week’s Flash Fic is the start of the story, but it is a very brief glimpse into the wider story. You can read the flash without reading the rest of the story. There’s nothing particularly untoward about that little scene.

Rather than have any of you who read this blog have to email me or ask on here what the story is about only to have you decide “no thanks” after I tell you, I’m going to tell you right here. If it interests you, when I have it completed, I will be sending out PDF’s of the completed story, likely with some kind of cover to be determined.

So without further ado and to stop being “mysterious”…

Jim and Spock will be cheating together, having wild sex at every opportunity and in all places, clandestine, while Spock is still with Uhura. In other words, Spock has not ended things with Uhura. This will be an exciting, forbidden thing for them for most of the story, until it reaches the conclusion it eventually does (remember I write Spirk, so you can probably imagine its ultimate ending).

So that’s it. Cheating isn’t everyone’s thing and since they do not immediately announce what they are doing to anyone, this is why I am choosing to go this route. I don’t feel like posting it anonymously on AO3, so you get this method, and it won’t be available until it is completely finished. Other than this week’s Flash Fic, it won’t be posted here, either, since it will involve graphic and frequent sex.

I already know my friend, Kris, is on board, but I thought I’d let you know here, in case anyone else might be.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.