This past weekend was a mixed bag.


I had intended to work on the Big Bang story but just couldn’t make myself, so nope, not finished yet. Likely I will do some work on it today at lunch.

I did have a relaxing Saturday of doing pretty much nothing so that was nice.


Sunday I woke up to a notice from AO3 that never went out about a month ago. On February 21, I had updated When It Began, my Tarsus themed story. There was some glitch that day and my notice to subscribers never got sent. I was lucky enough to have a few people notice and comment anyway but many didn’t.  Low and behold on March 19 the notice went out. Thing was I had that on my spreadsheet of what to update next and had already been working on the actual real next chapter. It ended up kind of confusing I think for readers.


I also woke up to a troll comment that basically said Spock and Uhura should get married in the next movie. I frankly didn’t even read the entire thing. But basically theirs is the only “romance” presumably because two men can’t have one. Whatever. Happy Sunday to me. Bigotry lives on folks. And many feel emboldened to be that way these days thanks to the idiot in charge.


I love Chris Evans by the way. Not as much as Chris Pine, obviously, but  adore Chris Evans. He continually stands up for what is right even while being told repeatedly he needs to keep his mouth shut. Captain America indeed.

Yesterday was a fun day of shopping and dinner otherwise and I did get the next chapter of When it Began up.

I’ve taken Wednesday off the this week basically to break up the monotony of work. Call it a mental health day.

As most of you who read this thing know in January I got sick. It lingered and lingered and lingered. To the point I still had the cough into March. This increased my need for my inhaler by quite a bit. I was literally using it several times a day. Sometimes, admittedly, more than was prescribed, but my chest was wheezy and I was having trouble breathing. Saturday night I found an old inhaler of Symbicort in one of my drawers. I wondered if there was anything left and there was, and I admit, probably unwisely, I sucked down one puff of it. It tasted super nasty and I discarded the old inhaler at once. That night before bed I sucked down albuterol. Don’t know if this is coincidence or not but I woke Sunday with no chesty wheeziness for the first time in weeks. And I have not had to use my inhaler since Saturday night. It feels great, frankly, not to have to reach for it at this point. I doubt the Symbicort is related but I did find it interesting.

I am supposed to work on When I Fall in Love next, my Cinderella story, so you can expect that some time in the next day or so.

Have a good week.