Today’s Prompt: A New Crew Member and a Show of Possessiveness.

The captain smiled vaguely at Spock as they made their way down the corridor toward the shuttle bay. They were expecting a group of new crew members who were assigned to the Enterprise as replacements for some of the crew they’d lost due to the incidents involving Altamid several months ago. There had been a few transfers as well. After months waiting for the new ship to be built, the Enterprise would finally be leaving Yorktown in two weeks.

Spock had no specific objection to Yorktown, but Jim was restless and anxious to be on the Enterprise and in space once more. When Jim was anxious, so was Spock.

“The shuttle is disembarking now, Captain,” an Ensign declared as they entered the bay.

“Thank you, Ensign,” Jim replied.

The new crew members began walking off the ramp and toward Spock and the captain. He noticed Jim was tense around the shoulders and wondered about it but there was no time to query him about it now.

And then he saw her. Carol Marcus. She wore the newer style of the science blue uniform dress, her blond hair was longer than it had been before, and she had a bright smile on her face.  Spock clenched his fists.

She headed straight for the captain, too, bypassing all the other checkpoints the rest of the new crewmembers were required to do before reaching them.

“Jim!” she exclaimed, embracing the captain. “It’s so wonderful to see you again.”

“Hello, Carol,” Jim replied with an easy smile. “Welcome back to the crew.”

“I’m thrilled to be here.” She turned her gaze to Spock, the warmth she had for Jim, fading instantly. “Commander. I wasn’t sure you’d be here.”


“There were rumors you were leaving Starfleet.”

“Obviously false,” Spock replied as he carefully moved between her and his captain. “I remain the first officer of the Enterprise as well as Captain Kirk’s husband.”

Carol’s eyes widened in shock, her mouth falling open. “Husband?”

Jim cleared his throat. “Yes. It’s very recent.”

“Well.” She shifted uncomfortably. ”Congratulations to you both.”

“The sentiment is appreciated,” Spock replied. “Please report to Ensign Patterson. He’ll have your quarters assignment.”

She smiled awkwardly and moved past them to where Ensign Patterson waited. Jim said nothing but he did raise both eyebrows at Spock, who pretended not to notice.

Much later, they returned to their temporary living arrangement on Yorktown. As soon as they were completely alone, Spock turned to Jim.

“Did you deliberately keep Carol Marcus’ return to the Enterprise from me?”

Jim sort of shrugged as he began to pull off his uniform shirt. “Maybe a little. You get a little weird about her.”

“I do not.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, you do. You have since the beginning. And it’s bound to be worse now that you know we slept together.”

Spock bristled. “She likely thought you would again.”

“I doubt that. And don’t you dare get all uppity about that. You used to sleep with Uhura and she’s still a member of my crew.”

“That is different.”

His husband rolled his eyes as he tossed his shirt in the hamper. His fingers went to the waistband of his trousers. “No, it’s not. This is just jealousy.”

“Have I reason to be jealous?”

Jim removed his pants.  “No. I only have eyes for you, honey. And every other part of me.”

Spock relaxed. Besides it was difficult to maintain his ire when Jim was stripping naked in front of him. Of course, Spock knew he was doing it deliberately, and still he allowed it to have the desired effect. A naked Jim was something Spock found impossible to resist.

“I still think she thought she would have you again,” Spock declared with a haughty sniff.

“Even if she did, she doesn’t stand a chance.” Jim walked over to him then, in all his completely naked glory.

Spock seized him. “Indeed. Because you are mine.”

Jim kissed him. “Oh, baby, you know it.”