‘Tis the season for weird offenses.

People who get offended by “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” are annoying. There are all kinds of holidays. What in the hell is wrong with wishing someone well, which is what “Happy Holidays” is. People seem to think “Happy Holidays” is something new that came about because of the “War on Christmas” (laughable) but Andy Williams sang a song called “Happy Holidays” in the early 60s. Truly people, get over it.It’s not offensive to be told Happy Holidays even if you are Christian.

Someone posted on AO3 complaining that all the Spirk Christmas fics ignore that Spock is Jewish. Well, I don’t. But here’s the thing. Roddenberry was an Atheist. As far as I know what “religion” anyone was on Star Trek was not discussed. I don’t recall it. I know Leonard Nimoy was Jewish and was allowed to incorporate much of the Jewish religion into things we now know as Vulcan today. No one is disputing that. I admit I haven’t read any Spirk fics that show Spock being Christian, but I guess it’s possible there are. Usually in my own fics I leave Jesus out of the whole thing because I treat Christmas as a secular thing as I am at best agnostic. Anyway this person complained that a lot of it came from the people writing about the 2009 movie and onward. First of all, if you ARE new to the fandom, welcome. I would never ever think you should be made to feel unwelcome. And second, I know for a fact Spock’s religion is never brought up then. Winona Ryder who plays Spock’s mother, too briefly in my opinion, is Jewish. Zachary Quinto is not. So if you came to the fandom for the more recent movies, of course you aren’t going to know. I don’t know, it just seems something entirely too silly to get bothered over.

Right after that, I saw someone’s comment on a fic where the author did mention Spock being Jewish, and she made a comment that no other fics do that. Since I have and have seen others, I couldn’t help shaking my head and wondering when I became invisible.

Anyway, I have always been taught when you are different religions (or not at all religious as applies to me) you compromise on celebrations and the like. But what do I know?)

I guess I should keep my mouth shut as usual.

Happy Holidays!