So, this is the last week before Christmas. My plans have altered somewhat. I thought I was going to get to have Christmas Eve with just the two of us. There was hope for a half a second. Ever since we met a certain friend, many years ago, we have spent Christmas Eve with her and her family. It’s kind of a drag always doing it.

This year she made plans to be in Vegas with her boyfriend for the whole weekend. And we were going to do our Christmas get-together on Thursday the 22nd. But well then her boyfriend remembered suddenly that his family would throw a fit that he didn’t come for Christmas and those plans changed. And so did mine. So much for the Christmas Eve with just the two of us plans.

He doesn’t understand of course. He sees me every day and so he thinks the holidays are about spending time with family and friends not with each other. So I have to grin and bear it, as usual.

I have to work all week. We will get off early on Friday. I’m going to try like hell to get all my holiday stories done by Christmas, but I am only one person.  Worse, was I thought of an idea for another but I am seriously resisting. Seriously.

That’s it. Merry Christmas and see you on A03