So we went Christmas shopping. I’d already done a bunch but this was to finish it all off, including for a few friends I have at work. And the Significant had stuff to do too.

First we hit Walmart and it was sort of earlyish so it wasn’t so bad. There were lots of people there and I admit some of them made me want me to go…


Next we went to Bevmo, which was nearby and a bit better of an experience. I had Jack Daniels to buy for my friend at work and some little miniature bottles for a friend’s basket I am making. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Moscow Mules but SO is giving this friend a set of copper Moscow Mules cups so that’s why I was getting little vodkas. We coordinate nicely, after all.

Then we moved on to the mall.

faceNow in spite of Jim’s face here, it’s not that bad. It’s an outdoor mall. I am sure they don’t have those where most of you live. Whenever the SO parks, he chooses the farthest away spot you can imagine.

Which admittedly makes me go a little Sylar.


Anyway, we found a spot and headed into a place called Marshall’s. I don’t know that they have these everywhere, but they are sort of a little of everything. I didn’t get anything here but the SO did.

We then headed for lunch at Red Robin. After that we hit a Hallmark store, where the SO bought stuff again, but not me, and then Bath and Body Works. I was buying stuff here for females in my family. Place was a nightmare.

I was tempted to do this.


But it gets worse! LOL.

we leave to finally go to somewhere other than the mall and we can’t find the car. I thought we were further down then we were, because as I said, he parks far. We wandered around this parking lot for like 20 minutes and I was starting to panic thinking someone had stolen it with all the crap we’d just bought in it. Fortunately, that was not the case.

smiling-spock Then we hit Bed, Bath and Beyond which wasn’t so bad at all.


But then…we went to Target


Seriously scary stuff.

Then finally the grocery store. Right. Ugh.


So when we finally got home and put everything away at last


Right so there was our day.