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When Spock arrived to see him, Jim was sitting up in bed and when Jim saw that Spock was bringing him a drink, he brightened.

“Spock, you’re my hero if that’s Bones’ special Autumn Spiked Punch.”

Because Jim had managed to incur the wrath of some hairy spear throwing alien he was currently confined to the medbay instead of at the Autumn Ball being held for crew morale. Typical.

“It is most certainly not,” Spock said, handing the cup to Jim. “It is pumpkin spiced tea.”

Jim made a face but he accepted the cup.

“How do you feel?”

“Like I’m missing out.”

“T’hy’la, it is not even very interesting. I was there and it was merely a few people drinking, laughing, and dancing.”

Jim sighed. “Oh, yeah, that just sounds terrible. Drinking and dancing. Nothing fun about that.”

“I did bring you a scone with your tea.” Spock handed him a wrapped baked good.

“Swell.” But Jim took a bite. “It’s good.”

“Doctor McCoy said you can be discharged day after tomorrow.”

“Two more nights?”

Spock nodded. “And then you will be off for twenty four hours.”


“I will be off too.” Spock paused. “To take care of you.”

Jim perked up. “Okay, that sounds good.”

“I thought you might think so.”

“No Autumn Spiked punch though?”


Jim sighed again and sipped his tea. He watched as Spock pulled up a chair.

“You don’t have to sit with me.”

“In fact I do.”

Jim smiled. “Okay. But when I fall asleep, it’s okay to leave.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Much later, Jim woke in the night to see Spock still sitting beside his bed. He sighed softly and went to sleep.