Inspired by Wind Beneath My Wings

You can decide if it’s TOS or AOS

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Jim heard Spock’s approach after he finished the debriefing with the Federation Council. Felt the warm touch of their newly established bond in his mind. It was like a caress. Comfort after a long, trying day.

For a moment they stood side by side watching the president and council go their separate ways.

He turned to face Spock with a welcoming smile.

“Well, Mister Spock, I guess I’m dismissed.”

“You saved millions of lives once more.”

Jim smiled just a tiny fraction. “It’s never just me.”

“No,” Spock acknowledged. “But you are a large part of it. You are a highly competent leader.”

“Thank you, Spock. That’s…that’s quite a compliment from you.”

“And I mean every word.”

“I know. That’s what it makes it so meaningful.” He sighed, looking over the now empty chamber.

“Yet I sense your disquiet through our bond.”

The bond they’d had to establish because of the recent mission that saved all those lives.

“We should probably talk about that, don’t you think?”

Spock looked somewhat uncomfortable. “Your life was in danger and I—”

Jim held up his hands. “No, I know. I’m not…mad or anything. I don’t know what I am other than grateful. I suppose I’m more concerned with how you feel about it and how you’re doing.”

“Me? I assure you, Jim, I am perfectly content with matters as they stand.”

“Perfectly content.” He smiled again, faintly. “You have my scrambled brain connected with yours. Are you sure it’s contentment you feel?”

Spock gave him a puzzled look. “Perfectly sure. I am content by your side.”

“You don’t seek glory, huh?”


Jim shook his head. “You’re remarkable, Spock. Really. You don’t want to…I don’t know…do something to get me out of your head.”

“Is that what you want?”

“No. I mean I like the way you feel here.” He tapped his head. “But I bet you’re getting the bulk of it, right?”

“Yes. I can shield though. Our compatibility is quite extraordinary.”

“Good to know.” Jim took a step forward, with Spock on his heels. He stopped and looked at Spock. “I need to tell you something.”

“Tell me something?”

“Before I forget or let it go or just…push it aside again. Like always.” Jim sighed. “I don’t think I ever told you this.”


“You’re my hero.”


“No, hear me out.” He swallowed heavily. “I’m…I wouldn’t be here without you. You’ve helped me so much. And you always stand by me silently, letting me get the accolades. You were just…like you said…content to be there, offering me your quiet support and strength. You’re amazing. You really are my hero.”

Spock just stared at him.

Jim smiled and put his had on Spock’s arm. “It’s not unnoticed. Not by me. It’s here.” He thumped his heart. “I know the truth. I’m here and able to do what I’ve done because of you.”

And now Jim figured he’d made Spock uncomfortable, so he turned to keep walking. But Spock grabbed his wrist and stopped him from moving forward.

“I am by your side because I want to be. You receive glory because it is deserved.”


“And there is no one I would rather share a bond with.”

Jim’s smile widened. “Well then. I guess we really have a lot to talk about. Shall we?”

Spock inclined his head. “Indeed.”

And they left HQ together, Jim couldn’t stop stealing glances at Spock, but that was okay, every time Spock was looking right back at him.