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Extra Flash

Flash Fic, November 01, 2022 (Extra)

A sort of AU

Spock had only been seeing Jim for three weeks when Jim announced he would be leaving for a good part of the month of November.

They’d met at the beginning of the school year. Spock had already done all the course work for the Academy and graduated. Jim was behind him a few years but he was speeding through his courses and was teaching a battle tactics class for extra credit. Everyone Spock knew was highly impressed with the young son of George Kirk who had never known his father.

Spock among them.

It took him until the middle of October before he asked Jim out. It was for something simple coffee and tea. Jim had accepted with this soft smile that showed his bunny teeth and Spock had been smitten.

They’d taken things rather slowly, in Spock’s opinion. In the three weeks they had seen each other nearly every night, they had shared a few kisses, but nothing more.

He’d gotten advice from Pike one day and he had shared with Spock that despite appearances and rumors that Jim was actually shy.

When Jim told him he would be going away for November, Spock had been stunned into momentary silence.

“Nothing to say?” Jim asked, with that same soft smile.

“Are you leaving the Academy?”

“No.” Jim laughed though Spock didn’t know what was funny. Jim laughed a lot and it often puzzled Spock but it was such an infectious laugh, Spock didn’t mind. “I’ve cleared it with them. I’ll be back before the end of the month. My friend will be covering my battle tactics class while I’m gone.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have a friend I need to visit on a faraway planet.”

He never said what planet and after he left, Spock realized he should have asked. He’d only said he would be back on November 21 in the afternoon.

Jim had said before he departed, “Don’t worry, Spock, I’ll be back before you know it.”

That turned out not to be true. Spock knew that some said time flew but all Spock realized that each day with Jim gone was agonizingly long.

Spock had fallen in love with Jim without even knowing it. And when Jim did come back, because Spock found himself almost praying that he would, Spock would make sure Jim knew.

At some point Spock began to become concerned that this “friend” Jim went to visit was a lover. He hadn’t explained and Spock hadn’t thought it was right to ask, but now he wished he had. There were so many things he wished now.

In the meantime, he would have to wait until November 21st.

It was agonizing.

Yep Spock has to wait…and so do you

Flash *Extra* October 2022

Inspired by Wind Beneath My Wings

You can decide if it’s TOS or AOS

Photo by Pixabay on

Jim heard Spock’s approach after he finished the debriefing with the Federation Council. Felt the warm touch of their newly established bond in his mind. It was like a caress. Comfort after a long, trying day.

For a moment they stood side by side watching the president and council go their separate ways.

He turned to face Spock with a welcoming smile.

“Well, Mister Spock, I guess I’m dismissed.”

“You saved millions of lives once more.”

Jim smiled just a tiny fraction. “It’s never just me.”

“No,” Spock acknowledged. “But you are a large part of it. You are a highly competent leader.”

“Thank you, Spock. That’s…that’s quite a compliment from you.”

“And I mean every word.”

“I know. That’s what it makes it so meaningful.” He sighed, looking over the now empty chamber.

“Yet I sense your disquiet through our bond.”

The bond they’d had to establish because of the recent mission that saved all those lives.

“We should probably talk about that, don’t you think?”

Spock looked somewhat uncomfortable. “Your life was in danger and I—”

Jim held up his hands. “No, I know. I’m not…mad or anything. I don’t know what I am other than grateful. I suppose I’m more concerned with how you feel about it and how you’re doing.”

“Me? I assure you, Jim, I am perfectly content with matters as they stand.”

“Perfectly content.” He smiled again, faintly. “You have my scrambled brain connected with yours. Are you sure it’s contentment you feel?”

Spock gave him a puzzled look. “Perfectly sure. I am content by your side.”

“You don’t seek glory, huh?”


Jim shook his head. “You’re remarkable, Spock. Really. You don’t want to…I don’t know…do something to get me out of your head.”

“Is that what you want?”

“No. I mean I like the way you feel here.” He tapped his head. “But I bet you’re getting the bulk of it, right?”

“Yes. I can shield though. Our compatibility is quite extraordinary.”

“Good to know.” Jim took a step forward, with Spock on his heels. He stopped and looked at Spock. “I need to tell you something.”

“Tell me something?”

“Before I forget or let it go or just…push it aside again. Like always.” Jim sighed. “I don’t think I ever told you this.”


“You’re my hero.”


“No, hear me out.” He swallowed heavily. “I’m…I wouldn’t be here without you. You’ve helped me so much. And you always stand by me silently, letting me get the accolades. You were just…like you said…content to be there, offering me your quiet support and strength. You’re amazing. You really are my hero.”

Spock just stared at him.

Jim smiled and put his had on Spock’s arm. “It’s not unnoticed. Not by me. It’s here.” He thumped his heart. “I know the truth. I’m here and able to do what I’ve done because of you.”

And now Jim figured he’d made Spock uncomfortable, so he turned to keep walking. But Spock grabbed his wrist and stopped him from moving forward.

“I am by your side because I want to be. You receive glory because it is deserved.”


“And there is no one I would rather share a bond with.”

Jim’s smile widened. “Well then. I guess we really have a lot to talk about. Shall we?”

Spock inclined his head. “Indeed.”

And they left HQ together, Jim couldn’t stop stealing glances at Spock, but that was okay, every time Spock was looking right back at him.

Flash Fic, November 22, 2020

Little something extra inspired by Shatner’s classic Deep Fried Turkey video.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on


Jim looked up from the contraption he’d set up in their side yard. He was on his hands and knees, inspecting it. He was dressed in old beat up jeans and a yellow plaid flannel shirt. Over that he had a jacket, as, though it was only November, the chill in the air was quite pronounced.


“Perhaps we ought to pre-order our Thanksgiving meal from CJ’s.”

CJ’s was a restaurant in the city nearby that Jim quite liked. They had a sparing amount of vegetarian dishes also. They had been advertising their “Heat-N-Serve” meals since the beginning of the month.

Jim frowned. “CJ’s? Why?”

“You like CJ’s,” Spock reminded him, rather than directly answer.

“I do, yeah. But we can get CJ’s any time. This is special. I want to use this.”

Spock pursed his lips. “But…”

“Bones will appreciate it too.”

“Perhaps then you ought to wait for Doctor McCoy to arrive before you…”

Jim leaned back on his haunches a bit and glared up at Spock. “What are you getting at, Mister?”

“Last year, attempting to deep fry your turkey did not…go well.”

There had been a fire and burns. Both of Jim’s hands had to be bandaged. They were fortunate that was the only part of him burned.

“I’ve learned a lot since then. I won’t do that again.”

“You also like roasted turkey. We could put it in the oven. I can assist.”

“I want a delicious, juicy turkey.” Jim pouted a bit.

“And it will be, roasted in the oven,” Spock assured him. Not that he knew anything about eating turkey. Jim had already made a menu for them that included many vegetarian dishes. Far more than they could get at CJ’s, admittedly.

Jim sighed then. He struggled to his feet. He looked mournfully at the fryer he had obtained after the one from last year burned up. “But what’ll I do with this?”

“Return it?” Spock suggested gently.

“Return it? But…you don’t think I can handle it, do you?”

“I would rather not take the chance, Jim. It was very frightening last year.”

“Fine.” Jim sighed again. “Fine. I don’t want to freak you out.”

“I appreciate that. Come inside. I’ll fix us something warm to drink.”

Jim cast one last glance at the fryer, then went up the steps to follow Spock into the farmhouse.

“How does hot cocoa sound?”

Jim’s steps faltered. “Coco? Does that mean…”

Spock smiled slightly. “Yes. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Jim grinned. “Feeling better already.”

Flash Fic Sunday, October 25, 2020

Just an extra bit of fun from Starfleet Academy.

“Where are you going this time of night?”

Jim ran his hand through his hair and gave a little shrug. He had just pulled on his favorite leather jacket. “I can’t sleep. I thought maybe a walk—”

His best friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy snorted. “You think it’s because we watched that slasher fic?”

“The guy who loaned it to me said it wasn’t scary.”

“He lied. You jumped a hundred times.”

“Yeah. Well.” Jim shoved Bones. “You jumped twice that.”

“Whatever. I’m gonna have some warm milk and I’ll be sawing Zs in no time.”

“Warm milk?” Jim made a face. “Yuck. I don’t even like it cold. I won’t be long. I’ve just got a lot of energy to burn. I need to walk it off.”

“Sure sure.” Bones patted his shoulder.

Jim opened the door.

“If you see Freddy Kruger…run.”

“Not funny,” Jim muttered.

He stepped outside into the thickest fog he remembered in a long time. And the further he got in it, the more he knew he should have turned back around and gone back to his dorm room.

It became so damp with thick fog, it wet his hair and face and he began to get disoriented in it.

Jim began to become a little afraid he was lost. He felt a little bit like one of the idiots in the movie he’d just watched.

And then he heard footsteps behind him.

It’s no one, Jim thought. Just someone else out in the fog.

But then for a moment the fog cleared, and Jim saw him.

Not Freddy but a headless horseman holding a Jack-o’-lantern in one hand. The figure raised it, cackling madly.

As Jim turned to run, his heart in his mouth, the beast strode closer and flung the Jack-o’-lantern directly at Jim. It thunked into the back of Jim’s head and Jim pitched face forward into the ground.

His head feeling fuzzy, his breath stolen, he turned onto his back. He moaned in pain as he felt a trickle of blood ooze down his forehead. His vision blurry, he stared up at someone lurking over him, ominous and malevolent.

“Headless,” he whispered, and then darkness overcame him.

“Wake up. Mister Kirk? Can you hear me? Wake up.”

He woke to someone shining a very bright light into his eyes. Jim swatted at them.

“There you are.” The bright light disappeared, and some old dude’s face replaced it. He wore a white coat. “How do you feel?”

“Like my head’s going to explode.”

“Common in a concussion. You hit your head pretty badly. Cracked it open. It’s no wonder. Traveling around in weather like this. tsk. I’m Doctor Bailey. I’m going to order you some more tests. You’ll be here for the night.”

And then he was gone.

“Wait. How did I get here? What?”


Jim turned too fast and it made him wince. “But there standing beside his bed was a Vulcan. He looked familiar.

“Professor Spock?”

“Indeed. I found you lying on the ground, Mr. Kirk. And had you taken to Starfleet Medical. You are fortunate.”

“And the horseman?”


“He threw his head at me.”

Spock shook his head. “There was no one else. You are obviously suffering from delirium.”


“It is all right. The doctor will return soon. I have also notified your roommate. He is on his way.”

Jim touched the bandage on his head. “Okay. Um. Thanks.”

“I will come back to check on you in the morning.”

And Spock left.

Jim blinked rapidly, staring at the ceiling.

Then in the distance he heard a cackling cry.

Spirk Day 2020

I know it’s Spirk day and I should write something absolutely epic but I just don’t have it in me to do so right now. I’m pretty drained. I’m sorry.

“Spock’s going to be fine, Jim.”

“Define fine.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “He’s going to recover. He’s asking for you.”

That surprised Jim a bit. Well. Spock got injured saving Jim, again, but…maybe Spock planned to chew Jim out. Sure.

He started toward the medbay area where Spock was being treated. Bones put his hand on Jim’s shoulder.

“Uhura’s in there right now. Give it a few minutes.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded. He was aware that Spock and Uhura had broken up, but he was also aware that they were trying to reconcile. Or Jim thought they were. Probably Spock being injured would push them toward it.

He thought about leaving altogether, but Spock was his friend and first officer, and he got severely injured saving Jim, so he stuck around, having a cup of coffee with Bones.

Eventually, he spotted Uhura leaving. She was wiping at her face, and Jim wasn’t sure what that meant. Probably just upset Spock got hurt saving their captain. Whatever.

He said goodbye to Bones and went over to Spock’s biobed.

Spock had his eyes closed and Jim was about to turn around and leave after all.

“Jim,” Spock whispered.

He turned and saw Spock watching him, dark eyes as mysterious as ever.

“You are well?”

Jim huffed a laugh as he moved closer. “Me? I’m great. Nothing wrong with me. Thanks to you. And yeah, thank you. You shouldn’t have—”

“I had to.”

Jim smiled crookedly, waiting for Spock to speak of his duty as first officer to watch out for the captain’s life, as per usual.

But when Spock didn’t, Jim prompted, “Your duty to protect the captain, right?”

Spock shook his head. “My duty is important, yes, but that is not why I stepped in to save your life.” Spock paused. “This time and all the others, as well. Despite what I said.”

Jim frowned. “Then…wait. I don’t understand.”

Spock held out his hand toward Jim and Jim took it. “Jim. It is because…”

He smiled then. Understanding. “Because I am your friend.”

The words from when Jim died, for the reason Jim saved Spock from the volcano, echoed in his memories.

Once again, Spock indicated the negative.

“What then?”

“You always shall be my friend. But because I want you to be more than my friend.”

Jim’s eyes widened as it dawned on him what Spock meant.


“We are not together and will not be. I am in love with someone else.” Spock squeezed Jim’s hand that he held. “This simple feeling between us was beyond my comprehension before. It is…everything now.”

“Spock.” He leaned down then and captured Spock’s lips for the first in what he hoped would be a life time of kisses.

Happy Spirk Day 2020

Twas the Day After Christmas

Spock woke up feeling very good. Newly in a relationship with his captain, in fact so new the night before had been their first experimentation with physical intimacy, he felt more hopeful for the future than he had in a long time.

Until he turned his head to see Jim standing in front of his small artificial Christmas tree with a tear upon his cheek.

Spock sat up quickly. “Jim?”

His captain glanced his way, surprised, almost as though he’d forgotten he’d spent the night in Spock’s arms. But Jim shook head, gave a watery laugh, then wiped at his cheeks and eyes.

“Good Morning.”

“You are crying.” And yes it came out as an accusation.


Spock swung his legs out of Jim’s bed. “I saw you. You even wiped your eyes.”

Jim laughed. “Oh that.”

“Do you…?” Spock stopped, gathering the courage. “Do you regret the consummation of…”

“What? The…no. Are you crazy? Regret that? Never. Ever. Never.” Jim stepped over to him, grabbed his hands and drew him to stand up. Spock was vaguely embarrassed that he wore nothing but Jim’s briefs. And he tried to recall how he came to be wearing Jim’s, but that part was a little fuzzy. Even for him.

Jim kissed him hard and Spock relaxed into the kiss, relieved, though he was still confused.

“Jim, I do not understand.”

“I know you don’t, sweetheart.” He drew Spock over to the tree. “It’s over.”


“Christmas. It’s the day after. I always feel just a…little sad. Ever since I was a kid I looked forward all year to Christmas. To the holidays. It started with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. The absolute best time of the year. Well, other than the weather. And then on the 26th, it’s gone. And we’re faced with months and months of just…ordinary days, I guess.”

Spock turned Jim to face him, fingers grazing over Jim’s bristly jaw and cheek. “No day in which I can wake up to be with you is ordinary.”

Jim’s smile brightened the room. “God, you’re just…I can’t believe this is real. That you really feel this way.”

“What way?”

“The way I feel about you. I never thought I’d get to have this.” Jim kissed him again.

“No more sadness?”

“No more sadness. After all it all comes around next year again. Let’s go back to bed.”

“We are due on the bridge in less than an hour, ashayam.”

“Damn it. I’m gonna cry again.”


“Oh fine. Let’s go share a shower.”

As Jim began to move away, Spock drew him back for one more kiss. One of many to come.

Sunday Flash Fic

“Captain, I have something to tell you.”

Jim fired his phaser at the approaching Klingons. “Now? Come on, Spock. I’m a little busy.”

Spock fired his phaser. “I am aware. But in case we are unable—”

“Mr. Spock, I don’t have time for this.” The truth was Jim was pretty sure he knew what Spock wanted to say. And he appreciated it, really. He’d been waiting for this for a long ass time. But now—

“A logical response, Captain, however—”

“No. Really. Not now, Commander. Cover me.”

He rolled away from his spot by the wall, firing his phaser frantically, even as he could hear Spock doing the same. He reached the unconscious Sulu and quickly assessed him.


“Yeah he’s alive but in bad shape. We’ve gotta get out of here now.”

“Acknowledged. In the event that either or both of us do not make it…”

“Yeah, yeah. Got it. Get over here now.”

Spock broke out into a run and slid in to where Jim waited with Sulu. Jim eyed him.

“You’d be great at stealing home, by the way.”

Spock frowned. “Captain?”

Jim flipped open his communicator. “Kirk to Enterprise. Beam us up now.”

A Klingon disruptor shot barely missed his head. Jim winced.

“I must inform you, Captain, that I have developed…”

They suddenly dissolved and appeared on the transporter. The three of them fortunately. Bones rushed toward them.

“Romantic feelings for you. In fact, I love you.”

Bones froze just a few feet away from Sulu. He stared at them, then shrugged. “I guess I owe Scotty some scotch.”

Spock blushed furiously as he scrambled to stand.

Jim grinned and stood up, leaning toward Spock and planting a big fat kiss on his lips. “I love you too.”

Extra Surprise Flash August 14, 2019

Spock did not like to impose on his captain, normally. If Jim had merely invited him to his quarters and to his bed, as was usual, Spock would have gone very willingly. Eagerly, in fact, for he had  no desire to spend the night alone in his cold bed without his heater beside him.

And tonight of all nights…

The mission had gone so terribly wrong. It was a miracle both he and Jim were physically unscathed. But they were both exhausted and emotionally, as Jim would say, fried.

And yet…there had been no invitation from Jim. He’d just said goodnight and gone to his quarters.

Spock stared at him empty cold bed and made a decision he hoped he did not regret.

He picked up his sleeping robe and walked out of his quarters and went next door to Jim’s. On the prior Enterprise their bathroom had been shared, but that was an old design, and when they were forced to rebuild the ship after Altamid, they’d all gotten their own bathrooms. Jim’s and Spock’s being the largest floorplan.


Spock stepped inside  as the door slid open, then remained by it, as he held his robe staring at his captain, who already lay in bed. Jim was dressed in a tight fitting T’shirt, molded to his muscles, and Spock suspected, his usual cotton pajama bottoms with the stars dotted on them.


“Yeah?” Jim was leaning up against the pillows that propped him up. He had a book in his hand.

And now Spock felt foolish. It was obvious Jim had not wanted him there. Why hadn’t he gotten that?

Jim’s gaze went to the robe clutched in his hands as Spock remained silent. “Spock, what is it? Are you all right?”

“I…wanted to…may I stay with you tonight?” He felt that his face was flushed and knew that he must be a very dark shade of green. But this was not his element. Nyota had never made it this hard. Everything was difficult with Jim. Watching Jim breathe was.

Without a word, Jim picked up the corner of the blanket and sheet, holding it aloft.

Spock swallowed. “I understand if you do not—”

“Just…get in.”

“If you would rather—”

“Spock.” Up until that moment Jim had sounded almost harsh, but just then his tone and his voice had softened considerably. “Put on your robe and get into bed. It’s okay.”

Spock nodded, undressed and redressed quickly, and then slid into bed next to his captain, who had now put aside his book to watch Spock’s every move.

“If I have overstepped—”

Jim held out his fingers toward Spock who was suddenly filled with such relief, he was shaking, as he touched his fingers to Jim’s.

“You can’t, okay? You can’t overstep. And I’m glad you’re here.” His mouth thinned. “What a craptastic day. Yeah?”

“Beyond imagining.”

‘I’m sorry. I should have…I really wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to get in bed and have the day all over.”

“And me as well. But I needed…”

Jim smiled then, soft and sweet. “I know. It’s all right. I don’t mind. Lie down and come here.”

They both lay flat on the bed and then Spock scooted closer, wrapping himself around his captain. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“Computer,” Jim called. “Lights off.”

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