His courses finished for the day at least, Jim was exhausted as he made his way off campus and to the apartment across the street he now shared with Spock.

Last night they’d slept together but other than share a few heated kisses, that was all they did. Jim anticipated that would change likely tonight. He had already heard from Spock that he wouldn’t be done with his own classes for some time.

Jim let himself into the apartment and got settled in to contact his mother. He’d said he would.

“Jim, it’s about time.” But there was no heat to her words and she was smiling. He could see she was seated at the dining room table in her farmhouse.

“Sorry, I meant to contact you last night but I got pretty busy.”

“You get settled into a dorm?”

“No. Actually, I’m, uh, I’m staying in Spock’s apartment. That’s where I am right now.”

“Spock?” She frowned. “Isn’t that the Vulcan who picked you up in a bar?”

Jim laughed. “Not a bar. A teashop.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Not sure they have bars there. Maybe they do because they have quite a lot of other species besides Vulcans.”

“Still. My sister said he was very forward.” She sniffed.

Jim smiled. Yeah he was.

Jim had entered the teashop with Aunt Gilda and he was examining a rooibos variety when he’d been approached by a tall, gorgeous Vulcan.

“I wish to have you in my bed.”

Well, who would turn that down?

And he didn’t turn it down for the rest of the time he was there either.

“I didn’t mind,” Jim assured her. “Anyway, it turns out he’s at the Academy too and we met up and now I’m here.”

His mother sniffed again. “When am I going to meet this forward Vulcan?”

“Soon, I promise. Anyway, I’m here and getting settled in. I’m in a really good place, Mom. You don’t need to worry.”

“I always worry. Your lips still a little bruised. Those cretins should have been charged.”

He shrugged. “Maybe. I’ll talk to you soon.”  

After the call ended, Jim decided he wanted a nap, so that’s where he headed next. He had no doubt when Spock came home, he’d wake him.