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Spock had to admit to feeling a bit shy when he’d gone over to Jim’s apartment to make sure he would be coming for dinner.

The truth was Spock had thought of little else since Jim had left last night. Spock had almost confessed the truth of just why he had pointed ears and he was glad he had stopped himself.

He wasn’t sure that Jim was ready for that declaration. Jim didn’t seem to have an overly active imagination from what Spock could tell and therefore if Spock announced he was from outer space, his suspicion was that Jim would think he was one those lunatics who thought they’d been abducted by little green men.

He reminded himself that Jim thinking he was into cosplay had been completely logical from Jim’s point of view. And though he probably should have not forced the issue of Jim coming for dinner, the truth was Spock very much wanted to see him.

He liked Jim. A LOT.

And seeing Jim wearing a robe with a great deal of bare skin showing had caused Spock an inordinate amount of consternating arousal.

He’d decided on a simple meal of a salad with breadsticks, pasta, and a tomato sauce. Spock was no gourmet cook by either Earth of Vulcan standards, but he knew enough to know most Humans seemed to like that kind of fare.

The coffeemaker he had ordered in order to provide coffee for Jim had arrived that morning and Spock had obtained coffee and half and half for it as well. Close to the time he expected Jim’s arrival, Spock made a pot of coffee, following the stated directions.

For some reason his hear pounded in his side when the knock on his door sounded. Probably because he knew risking involvement with Jim under his current circumstances was beyond foolish.

And yet here he was…doing so.

When he opened the door, Spock almost closed it again. Stupid, yes. But the man was simply too gorgeous. He wore a blue T-shirt that matched his eyes and looked so soft it could have been made out of butter, then dark denim jeans molded to his muscular legs. Spock could only imagine what Jim’s bottom must look like in them and he figured as soon as Jim stepped inside, Spock was going to find out.

He’d heard a female customer at the fusion restaurant once say, “I wore my fuck me pants.” And surely those were the pants Jim had on at that moment.

Jim walked into Spock’s apartment with a dazzling smile.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

Spock closed the door with Jim inside and as Jim turned he got the perfect look at Jim’s buttocks. Or was that a look at Jim’s perfect buttocks? Did it matter?

Spock looked down.

“You are naked.”

Jim turned and gave him a quizzical look. “Huh?”

“Bare. Your feet are bare,” Spock said, quickly.

Jim laughed. “Oh. Well, you don’t mind, do you? I didn’t feel like putting on shoes after getting them off today. My feet were killing me.”

“I do not mind.”

“What are we…wait. Do I smell coffee?”

Spock felt some relief over being able to return to a more reasonable topic.

“Indeed. I purchased a coffeemaker so that you could have coffee while you were here.”


Jim turned and went into Spock’s kitchen and Spock followed.

For a moment, Jim stared at the coffeemaker as it continued to brew.

“I also purchased half and half since I observed—”

Spock suddenly found himself pushed up against the nearest wall with Jim’s hot, soft lips covering his. And when Jim’s hands scooted up under Spock’s sweater to rest on Spock’s exposed skin, he was lost.