Believe it or not I get a lot of requests to write someone’s idea (less than I used to honestly). Many times I can do it. I definitely try and most times the results are decent.

But sometimes, I am glad I didn’t take on someone’s idea. I am going to keep this vague so not to offend anyone as much as possible.

Someone contacted me through comments quite a while back referring me to a link with their idea. It was very long and involved. It was for Spirk but there were many more involved elements including with characters I felt no affinity to, but I agreed to consider. This person was very complimentary about my abilities though I don’t remember a lot of prior interactions with them.

The more I read what they wanted though, the more I knew I could not do it. They wanted their idea written exactly as they saw it. And I am not that kind of writer. I have to be able to put my own spin on it. I gently tried to suggest they write it since that had such specifics. Basically they snapped that they couldn’t write and that’s why they wanted me to get it.

Eventually they did get another writer to agree to write some of their idea and this person did a pretty decent job considering what they wanted and that they didn’t like the same thing. The person requesting the idea didn’t kudo the work and though they claimed at first to like it had to come back a month later to say how disappointed they were that the writer didn’t write it exactly the way they wanted it to be done and the reasons they thought it should have been done differently. Their comment was quite offensive really. Frankly had I been the writer I would have deleted the whole thing. But wow, the whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth so to speak for this demanding person and feeling super bad for the author who tried to do what this person wanted and for what?

What is this all for? Just to share I guess. If I do someone’s suggestion, I am happy to do so but it must be under my terms and I don’t mean to be rude about that. I love receiving suggestions. Keep them coming. Some of my best stories have been suggestions but man this other writer’s experience sucked and I am so glad I rejected doing this.