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His co-pilot, Suroc, had been the closet to one he’d had and Spock had to bury him.
Not that Suroc had been a friend in the sense Humans thought of friends. The older Vulcan had kept to himself, generally only responding to Spock when spoken to, and while he had not been rude or unpleasant, Suroc and Spock had very little in common.
Before their supply run, Spock had spent the night with another Vulcan, Senra, a male Vulcan who generally had no more use for Spock than Spock did for him, but they did meet occasionally for physical release.
The rest of Spock’s life was spent in study at the Vulcan Science Academy, or had been before his ill-fated flight. Spock’s own father, Sarek, had asked him to make the cargo run, it was expected to be routine, and as it happened, it was anything but.
Now faced with meeting an enigmatic Human like Jim Kirk, Spock found that he could not resist the pull, though he should.
Spock located the cheaply acquired small appliance, made sure it was clean, and the plugged it in to heat up to make Jim waffles. With a quick search for recipes on his laptop, Spock figured he was reasonably prepared.
A moment later, Jim tapped on his door, and Spock called out for Jim to just come inside.
When Jim did, Spock noticed he carried two things. A box about the size of a cereal box, and a thermos.
Before Spock could make any inquiries, Jim explained.
“I figured you didn’t have any means to make coffee, so I brought my own.”
Spock agreed that was correct, but he vowed he would rectify that in the very near future. He was aware there was an online business that often guaranteed purchases would be delivered the next day. He would see to that later.
“Pancake and waffle mix,” Jim held up the box that was labeled “Bisquick’. “I’m guessing you don’t make waffles often and this is probably way easier.”
Spock took the box from Jim and eyed it. “Thank you. This probably will be sufficient.”
And Jim gave Spock such a warm smile that Spock had to tamp down his arousal. He turned abruptly and went into the kitchen to see if he had the ingredients required to add to the mix,
He counted to ten in his head, finally getting his logical mind back in order.
He could do this.
“Need any help?” Jim asked from right next to him. He smelled like he maybe had just showered and Spock realized that indeed his hair was a little damp, though he had a smattering of a what Humans of this period referred to as a ‘five o’clock shadow’.
Spock’s mouth went dry.
He cleared his throat. “I do not need help. You should sit in the other room and wait where you will not be in the way.”
That surprised a laugh out of Jim which did nothing to slow down the rapid pace of Spock’s pulse.
“Okay, sure. I’ll go do that.”
Spock let out a relieved breath, and tried not to notice was a great ass Jim had. This might have been a mistake.

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