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Spock found himself thinking of Jim the entire weekend.

It was not ideal.

Jim was gorgeous, Spock could not deny. And there was something primitive in Spock that made him want to claim the Human. He fought it though.

Spock was going home. Or he intended to, anyway. Entanglements of the sort Jim represented were not something he should even consider. But he was being drawn to Jim like a moth to a flame.

He had been on a routine cargo flight. Bringing a shipment of supplies to the other side of Vulcan when his ship had begun to malfunction. He’d thought he was going to crash on the surface of Vulcan, but suddenly Spock and his co-pilot had lost consciousness.

When Spock awoke, his co-pilot had informed him of some kind of time warp they’d passed through, he could not explain it, and then suddenly they were in the air space of some planet Spock later learned was called Earth and their ship had been shot down by fighter jets.

The co-pilot had been killed on impact, but Spock survived, and was forced to hide all evidence of the crash when it became clear he was in a time and on a planet that definitely did not accept him.

And now, here he was. Trying to find a way back to his own time and Vulcan.

Ever since Jim had left to see his family though, Spock could not stop thinking of him. He did not exactly regret not going. It had been for the best, but Spock found himself on Sunday night listening for Jim to arrive home.

Worse still when he did hear Jim, Spock opened his apartment door and stepped into the hallway.  It occurred to him belatedly that he might have startled Jim. Too late.

But Jim, who was at his door sticking his key in the lock, greeted him with a warm smile.

“Hey Spock!”

“Good evening, Jim. I was coming to see how your weekend with your family was.”

“It was good. I’m bone-tired though. And hungry. I should have picked something up on the way home.”

Spock heard someone who sounded just like him say, “I have a Belgian waffle maker.”

He did. He’d purchased it at a Goodwill store.

And Spock realized that not only did he not wish to be alone at that moment, he wished specifically to be with Jim.

Jim’s smile widened. “Do you? Do you happen to have mad waffle making skills?”

Spock’s lips twitched. “They are acceptable.”

Jim nodded. ”Good enough. Let me just put this stuff down in my apartment and I’ll be right over.”


Spock went back into his apartment to dig out that waffle maker. His heart thumped wildly in his side and he had to remind himself, it was just a few waffles among friends. A friend. Yes, Spock hadn’t had one in…well, perhaps, never.