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April 01, 2021 Flash Fic

Here’s a bonus flash…look for regular flashes to reappear MWF of next week

“So, I’ve decided to resign my commission and retire to Risa,” Jim announced to his senior officers during a briefing on the recently completed mission. He’d risen to give his speech.

“Sir?” Sulu asked, frowning.

“I know it’s a big shock, but I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while.” Jim glanced at Spock, who sat nearby, blank-faced. “Probably a good time to tell you Spock and I got married two months ago too. So he’s coming with me. As to who will be captain–”

Everyone began to talk at once, so many in fact Jim couldn’t make out who was saying what.

“I knew it! You owe me fifty credits.”

“It’s about time.”

“I thought they were never going to get around to it.”

“I thought the idiots weren’t even at the point where they realized it themselves.”

Okay, that was Bones.

Jim sat back down and glanced at Spock. His first officer was looking very concerned. Jim figured he looked the same.

“At what point do I say April Fools?”

March 25, 2021 Flash Fic

Jim mother’s face appeared on the terminal screen in front of him.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong?”

Jim laughed. “Nothing.”

“My baby calls me out of the blue and nothing is wrong? Sure. Where have you been hurt?”

“Nowhere. Listen, I…I started a relationship. A serious one. And I wanted you to—”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “Where is she? Let me meet her.”  

Jim turned and reached out his hand toward Spock. “He is right here.”

Spock allowed himself to be tugged into view. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

She grinned and leaned forward. “The pleasure is all mine.”

March 18, 2021 Flash Fic

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“This is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.”

Spock tried to quell his excitement at Jim’s words. It was difficult though. Only years of training to keep emotions under wraps worked on Spock’s behalf.

“He is…adoptable.”

Wide blue eyes flew to him. Jim’s tongue poked out from between his lips.

“Do you think…?”

Spock moved closer to Jim who cradled the Vulcan baby in his arms. “I would like nothing more.

Jim nodded. “Let’s do it.”

“You are certain?”

Jim laughed. “Not remotely. Let’s do it anyway.”

March 11, 2021 Flash Fic

Jim opened his eyes slowly. It kind of hurt to do so. He stared up at the ceiling.

Shit, the Medbay.

He didn’t remember how…


Jim turned his head to see Spock standing beside the bed. Wearing a gold shirt. And a yeoman handed Spock a PADD.

“Need your review, Captain.”

“I will look at it later,” Spock replied. “Leave it for me.”

Jim frowned.

Spock approached. “Jim, I am relieved.”


Spock put his hands on Jim’s face, leaned down and kissed him thoroughly. “Adun, I am glad you are awake. Doctor? My husband is awake.”  

March 04, 2021 Flash Fic

Some of these will definitely leave you with more questions than answers!

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“What are you doing out here?”

Spock glanced toward the side door of his house where Jim stood, hands on hips. The hot afternoon sun would be beating down on Spock’s head if he were not wearing a sun hat. Currently Spock was on his knees with his hands far down in the dirt of the plant bed in front of him.

“Jim! I was not expecting you until tomorrow.”

“I arrived early. Your dad said you were out here.” Jim wiped his brow. “It’s damn hot.”

“Go inside. I will be behind you in only a moment.”

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