Recently another writer on A03 posted a one-shot with Jim as the Professor and it got me to thinking about The Human Professor.

Here are some fun facts about it.

It was 16 chapters but only 20,583 words

It was written between January 05, 2016-July 04,2016.

It has a whopping 51,610 hits and 2,655 kudos (and nope that’s not my highest of either)

It’s been translated into another language and inspired a much less popular sequel called Home for the Holidays.

By contrast, Home for the Holidays had just 12,152 words, 763 kudos and 15,099 hits. Big big difference. No idea why but this is one of the reasons I loathe doing sequels. Readers beg for them and then…it’s never the same. I mean I do them but it’s NOT my preference.

And there you are. I love the original story and hope you do too.

PS. I did receive a comment at one point implying I was fetishizing glasses wearing in that story. LOL. I wear glasses myself so was a bit surprised by the comment. They told me that people who wear glasses don’t act like Jim in the story. It was news to me! Anyway, eventually they apologized and admitted their comments were out of line and exaggerated. I think those comments are gone, I dunno. But another fun fact!