I used Kris’s favorite meal for what Jim wanted in this flash. Enjoy!

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

“Come here.”

Jim pouted petulantly. “No.”

Spock sighed. Walked over to where Jim stood, looking out at the stars on the observation deck. He put his hand on Jim’s back, but Jim shrugged it off.

“I am sorry.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m over it.”

“Obviously you are not. I…I did not think about it.”

Jim pursed his lips but did not respond.

He’d forgotten Jim’s birthday. That was bad enough. But the last birthday Nyota had, Spock remembered it, and had even presented her with flowers, though they were no longer together.

Humans desire to celebrate the passing of each year since their birth was peculiar to Vulcans, but Spock had adjusted to it with his own mother, and then later with Nyota. It hadn’t really occurred to Spock that Jim cared that much. But as Leonard had reminded him, that was also the day that Jim’s father had been killed.

His relationship with Jim was new and untested. This particular test, Spock had failed.  

“Jim, if I could change what happened, I would. There has simply been so much going on lately that I just—”

“Forgot to think of me.”

“No, Jim. I always think of you. Every moment I am awake, every moment before I sleep.”

“You remembered…hers.”

“She made sure of it by constant reminds,” Spock said honestly.

Jim glanced at him. “I wasn’t going to do that.”

“Yes, I know. It led me to the false conclusion that you did not care. I remembered on Yorktown that McCoy had planned your celebration as a surprise because normally you don’t make a big deal of it. From your own words.”

Jim sighed. “And you relied on that. Yeah, I get it. Sorry, Spock.”

“You owe me no apology. I just ask for forgiveness for my own thoughtless ineptitude.”

Jim turned fully to face him. “Never mind. I forgive you.”

Spock nodded and opened his arms. “Come here,” he said again.

This time Jim stepped close as Spock wrapped his arms tightly around him.

“I love you, Jim. And I do not like causing you pain. But I am far from perfect and I will make mistakes, but that does not make me love you any less.”

Jim laid his head on Spock’s shoulder. “I love you too. So much.”

“If you will permit me, I would like to go back to your quarters and prepare for you a meal for your birthday.” He paused. “With the replicators assistance of course.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I wish to.”

Jim pulled back and smiled. “Yeah? Spaghetti?”

“What else?”

“Ice cream for dessert?”

“Of course.”

Jim smiled brighter and kissed him. “And you.”