Advent Day 22

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Jim grimaced as the last of the firemen exited his apartment, carrying the remains of his burned Christmas tree. As the last man went through the door, a stray cracked ornament ball crashed to the ground. Spraying glass everywhere.

The captain of the fire department shook his head.

“Sorry, kid. Sometimes this happens. Faulty wire on a too dry tree.”

“That’s what I get for trying to have a real one.”

“It could have been worse. The damage was confined to the tree.” He paused. “And your oven where you burned your dinner.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Not my day that’s for sure. Or my whole month.”

“Might take a while for the smell to dissipate but you should be fine.” He smiled slightly. “Merry Christmas.”

“Yeah, thanks, you too.” Jim closed and locked the door after he left. He turned to look at the mess the whole thing made. They’d cleaned up somewhat, but now there was more to clean and the glass from the last broken ornament too. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year my ass.”

A short while later while he was in the middle of sweeping up glass, there was a knock at the door. For a moment, Jim just stood there, trying to figure out who would be at his door.

“Oh Crap.” He stepped over some of the glass and went to the door to open it. “Uh, sorry. I forgot to tell you the date was canceled. I meant to text you.”

The Vulcan at his door tilted his head and looked perplexed. “I smell smoke.”

“Er, yeah. That’s why it’s canceled. The date I mean. And hell, the whole damn holiday season. My tree caught fire, the Vulcan dish I was trying to make is now best described as charcoal. It’s all a disaster. I am. Actually. You’d better make your escape now, Spock.”

Up went Spock’s eyebrow. “Are you finished?”

“Maybe,” Jim said mulishly.

Spock nodded. “May I come in?”

“Why would you want to?”

“To assist you in cleaning up. And to have our date.”


“I am already here. I see little reason to depart now.” Spock paused. “Unless you no longer have any desire to pursue things between us.”

“Believe me, I have all kinds of desires.”

Spock stepped inside and closed the door.

“Then one could say you are wasting time arguing with me. Let us clean up the mess and then make plans to substitute the burned food with something else.” Spock paused. “And perhaps you should plan to vacate this apartment for the foreseeable future and stay with me.”

Jim smiled, feeling suddenly a lot better. Sure his tree was still gone and the food in the trash, but Spock was here.  And wanted Jim to stay with him.

“It is the most wonderful time,” he whispered.


“Nothing.” Jim grabbed Spock’s hand, leaned in and kissed him.