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Holiday Flashes

Flash Fic, December 02, 2022

“Over the ground lies a mantle of white, a heaven of diamonds shines out through the night, two hearts a-thrilling in spite of the chill in the weather,” Jim sang.

“I can assure you my heart isn’t a-thrilling,” Spock retorted sarcastically.

Jim gave his first officer the side-eye. At the moment they were sheltered in a cabin on the icy planet known commonly as Delta Vega. Jim was pretty familiar with it. Unfortunately.

“It’s from a song, Spock.”

“What song?”

“Kind of an introduction to Winter Wonderland. Done a million years ago by the Eurythmics. That version anyway.”

“I don’t consider this a winter wonderland.”

Jim closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the flimsy wooden wall. He counted to ten.

It was a cabin that had seen better days. It had been abandoned likely decades ago. He was surprised there had ever been such dwellings here. When they returned to the Enterprise, if they did,  he’d have to look that up. The old man had never mentioned it to Jim when he’d been there all those years ago. Of course Nero had stranded him there just before Jim came across him so maybe he hadn’t known either.

So that left Scotty…who’d been stationed there.

“What are you thinking?”

Spock had surprised him by the question.

“That you are rethinking agreeing to see where our ‘relationship’ could go.” Jim used air quotes.

“I am hardly thinking that. And is that really what you were thinking just now?”

“No. I was thinking about the last time I’d been on this iceberg.”

Spock visibly flinched and then lowered his gaze for a moment.

“Hey, it’s okay.”


“At least we found this place before any of the Jim eating creatures showed up,” Jim said, trying and failing to inject humor. Spock’s face was stony.

And really, if anyone had a right to be offended because Jim almost got eaten it surely had to be JIM.

Jim sighed and moved closer to Spock under the emergency blanket they were snuggling under.

“This is nice.”


“Do you really not want to dump me?”

Spock made a derisive noise. “I do not want to dump you.”

Jim smiled and rested his head against his shoulder. “We’re going to miss the holiday party.”

“Jim, do you really think they will continue to have a party while we are missing?”

Jim chuckled. “I guess not. So, we can have it when we get rescued. IF.”

“We will certainly be rescued.” Spock took Jim’s hand under the blanket and held it.

With renewed vigor, Jim sang, “To sing a love song while we stroll along, walking in a winter wonderland.”


And then…

“I am not walking.”    

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Advent Day 22

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Jim grimaced as the last of the firemen exited his apartment, carrying the remains of his burned Christmas tree. As the last man went through the door, a stray cracked ornament ball crashed to the ground. Spraying glass everywhere.

The captain of the fire department shook his head.

“Sorry, kid. Sometimes this happens. Faulty wire on a too dry tree.”

“That’s what I get for trying to have a real one.”

“It could have been worse. The damage was confined to the tree.” He paused. “And your oven where you burned your dinner.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Not my day that’s for sure. Or my whole month.”

“Might take a while for the smell to dissipate but you should be fine.” He smiled slightly. “Merry Christmas.”

“Yeah, thanks, you too.” Jim closed and locked the door after he left. He turned to look at the mess the whole thing made. They’d cleaned up somewhat, but now there was more to clean and the glass from the last broken ornament too. “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year my ass.”

A short while later while he was in the middle of sweeping up glass, there was a knock at the door. For a moment, Jim just stood there, trying to figure out who would be at his door.

“Oh Crap.” He stepped over some of the glass and went to the door to open it. “Uh, sorry. I forgot to tell you the date was canceled. I meant to text you.”

The Vulcan at his door tilted his head and looked perplexed. “I smell smoke.”

“Er, yeah. That’s why it’s canceled. The date I mean. And hell, the whole damn holiday season. My tree caught fire, the Vulcan dish I was trying to make is now best described as charcoal. It’s all a disaster. I am. Actually. You’d better make your escape now, Spock.”

Up went Spock’s eyebrow. “Are you finished?”

“Maybe,” Jim said mulishly.

Spock nodded. “May I come in?”

“Why would you want to?”

“To assist you in cleaning up. And to have our date.”


“I am already here. I see little reason to depart now.” Spock paused. “Unless you no longer have any desire to pursue things between us.”

“Believe me, I have all kinds of desires.”

Spock stepped inside and closed the door.

“Then one could say you are wasting time arguing with me. Let us clean up the mess and then make plans to substitute the burned food with something else.” Spock paused. “And perhaps you should plan to vacate this apartment for the foreseeable future and stay with me.”

Jim smiled, feeling suddenly a lot better. Sure his tree was still gone and the food in the trash, but Spock was here.  And wanted Jim to stay with him.

“It is the most wonderful time,” he whispered.


“Nothing.” Jim grabbed Spock’s hand, leaned in and kissed him.  

In Dulci Jubilo

Another request/suggestion

Advent Day 14

‘What’s wrong, lass?”

Nyota looked up as Monty moved to sit at her table in the mess room. She’d been staring into her cup of spiced tea for a while now so she wasn’t surprised he’d come to ask her what was wrong.

“I have a problem.”

“And what would be that?”

“I think Kirk wants to get with me.”

Monty frowned. “The captain? But well, now, are you sure?”

“Not entirely,” she admitted. “But I do have evidence to come to that conclusion.”

“What evidence?”

“You know how he came on to me when we first met.”

“That was a long time ago, lass.”

“I know, but I was with Spock for years, so obviously he wasn’t going to jeopardize his friendship with Spock and command over that. We’re not together now and ever since Kirk found out he’s been paying far more attention to me.”


“Even had a drink in my quarters a few weeks back. We started talking about music and I was playing some holiday stuff. I admitted to him how much I loved In Dulci Jubilo.”

“The old hymn?”

She smiled. “Yes. Spock told me long ago that it was his mother’s favorite, even though, you know, she was Jewish, she loved that song and even sung it in choral when she was young. I told Kirk all this and I said when I listened to it, I fell in love with it. I thought it was so pretty and I play it every year since.”

Monty shrugged. “A few outings with the captain hardly proves he’s interested in you, lass. He hangs out with McCoy and Spock too.”

She waved away that. “They’re different. They’re his male buddies. You know what a hound dog with the women Kirk is.”

He pursed his lips. “Hmm.

“There’s more.”

“I’m listening.”

“He’s been acting mysterious lately. Throwing me furtive glances. So one night I kind of followed him. I wondered what he was up to and if there’s something mentally wrong with the captain, I think Starfleet should know.”


“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I like Kirk as much as everyone else these days. Not at all romantically, of course.”

Monty smiled. “I should hope not.”

She laughed and touched his hand. “I just mean, I was worried about him. That mission on Alasidair was particularly hard as four crew members died and Kirk himself was seriously injured. So I found him in this little area of engineering no one else goes to. He was making something.”

“Making something?”

“Yes. Out of wood. Carving this little box. I couldn’t see what the carvings were but while I was there, he operated a mechanism in the box that played music and I realized he was making some kind of music box. It looked very pretty, honestly. The song he was playing was In Dulci Jubilo.”


Nyota sighed. “Don’t you see, Monty? It’s obviously a gift for me. He was obviously grilling me that night to find out what I liked and he’s making it for me. Probably to give to me for the holidays to soften me up to the idea of him as a partner.”

“Surely he knows you and I are seeing each other,” Monty pointed out.

“I don’t know if he does as I haven’t told him, but even if he did, it might not matter.”

“I don’t believe that. You said yourself Kirk didn’t try anything once he knew you were with Spock.”

“True. Then he must not know. I just don’t know what to do when he presents the gift to me. I’m not at all interested in him. I’m with you. I don’t want to hurt him, but I have to be honest with him.”

Monty nodded. “Perhaps you should explain to him. But in private, not in front of others, so as not to embarrass him.”

“Yes, exactly. It’s not a conversation I wish to have with him, but he’s leaving me no choice.”


Nyota approached the captain’s quarters. As she started down the corridor she heard low murmuring, so she stopped her forward motion.

Standing in the corridor next to Spock’s quarters were Kirk and Spock. She could see from where she was that Spock was blushing. She didn’t quite understand why.

“It is calligraphic Vulcan,” Spock whispered.

“Yeah.” Kirk’s tongue darted out and he shifted nervously. “I, uh, I studied it. Wasn’t easy to carve believe me.”

“You carved it yourself?”

“Well, yeah. I made the whole thing from start to finish. Sam and I used to do a lot of woodwork when we were kids. Our Grandpa Kirk taught us. Making the boxes, carving, even the little musical parts. He taught us all that.” Kirk ran his hand over his hair. “It’s been a long time since I made one.”

Spock’s warm brown eyes were glistening as he looked at Kirk, somewhat in awe. “And the music?”

“In Dulci Jubilo.” Kirk paused. “Your mother’s favorite, right?”

Nyota’s breath caught in her throat and she put her hand to her mouth as she realized what an absolute fool she’d been.

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “How did you know?”

“A friend told me.”

Spock looked toward the door of his quarters. “Will you come in?’

Kirk smiled. “I’d love to.”

Spock opened the door and her two command officers disappeared inside. With a shake of her head, Nyota smiled, and went to tell Monty.

The next evening at the Enterprise holiday party, she was not at all surprised to see how cozy Kirk and Spock were.      

Here Comes Santa Claus

Advent Day 13

as requested

“That Vulcan you like is here.”

Amanda glanced up from her spot on the floor where she was finishing up wrapping a gift for a child.

It was a holiday party for Federation children of all races and religions. Some had been orphaned, some just had parents off planet doing things for the Federation and Starfleet. Many hundreds of toys had been donated and Amanda was helping to wrap them.


Her friend, Ellie, smirked. “Is there more than one Vulcan you like?’

Amanda felt herself blush. “I didn’t expect him to come to the party.”

“He arrived with several other ambassadors. I heard he was looking for you.”

She bit her lip. She wanted to see him. It was true she had something of a strong crush on him, but she did say she would wrap these gifts.

“Oh take a break, Amanda. I’ll wrap these toys.”

“Well…” She smiled. “Okay!”

She struggled up from the floor, smoothed out her blue and silver gown she had chosen to wear and walked out of the private room to the main room of the party.

A waiter passed by, and she snagged a glass of sparkling cider off his tray. Her gaze sought out her Vulcan and spotted him only a moment later approaching her.

He wore severe black from head to toe but somehow it managed to make him look more attractive. Amanda was aware he’d been married before to a Vulcan woman and that they had a son together. She’d been told that Vulcan woman had died, and she knew absolutely nothing about the son.

“Ms. Grayson,” he greeted her and bowed slightly. “It is quite pleasant to see you here. I had been told you were a volunteer at this event.”

Amanda dared to hope that was why he had come.

“It’s Amanda, please. And it’s equally pleasurable to see you, Ambassador.”

“Amanda, then. And I give you the use of my name as well.”

She smiled widely. “I’d ask you to dance but it’s not that sort of gathering.”

Amanda!”  Ellie suddenly rushed up to her. Amanda realized she was clutching the Santa costume in her hands. “It’s an absolute disaster.”

“What’s happened?”

“The Santa we hired has canceled.”

Sarek arched a brow. “That hardly seems to be a disaster.”

She chuckled. “It is for the children, believe me.” Amanda sighed. “We’ll have to find another to play him.” A thought occurred and she glanced at Sarek. “Ambassador—”


You could play Santa Claus.”


Ellie closed her mouth and shoved the costume into Amanda’s hands. “I’ll, uh, get back to wrapping. Good luck.”

Amanda muttered ‘coward’ as her friend scurried away. She turned back to the Vulcan who looked downright owlish at the moment.

“All it takes is wearing this costume with a bit of padding and a fake beard.”


“You wouldn’t want to distress all those children who will be arriving to see Santa any minute, would you? You just sit on that throne over there and the child sits on your lap—”

“On my person?”

“Well, just for a moment,” Amanda explained. “Long enough to tell you what they want from Santa Claus.”

“I do not understand.”

She moved closer to him and patted his arm. “I know. Let me summarize it. You put this on, pretend to be Santa, go ho ho ho and all that, speak softly and kindly to the children, ask them what they want from Santa, no need to make promises or anything, and hand them a candy cane, and they move off to another part of the party where the wrapped gifts are. Once you’ve seen every child who wants to visit with you, you’re finished and can take off the costume.”

Sarek frowned. “How many children?”

“Oh…perhaps fifty or sixty.”

“That is a lot.”

“It will go fast. Please?”

Sarek looked away and then back at her. “This is quite illogical.”

“Yes,” she agreed. “My family is Jewish. But…the children were promised Santa.”

“If I agree then you must accompany me to dinner tomorrow night.”

Amanda smiled. “I would have agreed to that anyway.”

Sarek nodded. “Then you have made quite the bargain.”

She laughed. “Indeed.” She pushed the costume at him. “Thank you.” She leaned close and kissed his cheek.

Sarek took hold of the costume and with one hand, held out two fingers. She looked a question at him.

“You touch your same two fingers to mine.”

Amanda exhaled and touched the pads of her fingers to his. “Is this right?”


Both of their eyes were shining.


A bit later, Amanda snuck close to Santa’s throne to listen in on the children visiting the very serious “Santa.”

“And what is your name, child?’


“Very well, Billy, what logical present do you wish Santa to bring you?”

Amanda covered her mouth to stop her laugh from bursting forth.  


“What is it you want?”

“A bicycle.”

“Santa” nodded. “A practical present for traveling to school.”

Billy frowned. “No. I wanna ride it around the neighborhood.”

“Want to.”


“The proper way to make your request is to say, I want to ride it around the neighborhood.”

“Oh.” Billy nodded. “Can I have my candy cane now?”

“Santa” sighed and presented the candy cane to Billy. “Ho ho ho.”

Deck the Halls

Advent Day 8


Jim put a nail in his mouth as he hammered the one he held into the rooftop. He did not look down. He was quite aware of the Vulcan standing at the foot of the ladder below. And though he was not looking, Jim absolutely knew he was getting the Vulcan version of the side-eye.


To the untrained ear, the repeat of his name sounded just like it had before, but Jim heard the slight irritation behind the second time his name was said.

He removed the nail held in his mouth and hammered it in, stringing the line of lights across the latest two nails.

“Be right down,” he called, not looking. He’d been up in space for decades, had faced death and injury numerous times, fought and won against more foes than he could count, and even survived the death and resurrection of that Vulcan, his husband, waiting below, but he hated heights. He’d considered asking Spock to do this part, but Spock had a secret. He hated heights more than Jim did.

Well, and to say either of them hated heights was not exactly true. Jim enjoyed mountain climbing, after all. And Spock had those rocket boot things he’d used to reach Jim on that mountain. But there was something different about the roof of one’s house and Jim couldn’t say what.

“Can you turn them on so I see if they’re all lit up?” he called down.

He heard the definite huff from Spock, but a moment later the lights were lit and Jim leaned back slightly on his haunches to detect if every last light was on. He couldn’t see any that were out so he mentally patted himself on the back and then inched his way to the ladder.

Perhaps some of his trepidation was due to the fact he’d actually fallen from said roof the prior year. Thankfully, just like Humpty Dumpty, they’d been able to put him back together. Not that he appreciated the comparison.

When he landed on the ground below, Jim felt relieved, and offered a smile to his grumpy husband.

“All done with the roof.”

“I thought we had agreed last year that if you continued this ridiculous, illogical competition with Bob Jenkins and Doctor Morely, you would hire someone to get on the roof.”

“You mean someone younger and in better shape than me,” Jim said, rolling his eyes. “I thought about that but the rules are we have to do all the decorating ourselves.”

“Who decided these rules?” Spock asked pointedly.

“The three of us as a committee. It’s just in good fun, Spock. It doesn’t really matter who’s won. There’s no reward.”

“Except the bragging rights to use all year round that you had the best decorated house for the holidays.”

Jim smiled, and rubbed his hands together, moving farther out in the yard to survey his handiwork.

“Right! And I’m absolutely fine with not winning.”

Spock gave him that side-eye Vulcan thing again and Jim ignored him.

Shooting out of a giant menorah on the roof, placed there for Spock, were twinkling yellow lights that looked like candle flames. He’d just purchased that this year. Also on the roof was a life sized Santa and sleigh with reindeer. Actual reindeer or Caribou, not just the Bambi type substituted so often.

He had more reindeer, elves, and snowmen in the yard surrounding the house too. Candy canes. Snowflakes. Gingerbread men.

“Do you think I did enough?” he asked Spock when Spock moved to stand beside him as they surveyed their kingdom.

“You are serious?”

Jim chuckled. “Yes, of course.” He took out an apple from his pocket and took a bite. “I don’t like to lose.”

“You just said—”

“We both know I lied.”

Spock sighed and nodded. “I believe you will succeed in maintaining your winning record.”

“Now that’s what I want to hear. All right, Spock, let’s go inside where it’s warm. I want to contact Jenkins and Morely to tell them they’re going to lose again.”

Spock sighed even more dramatically. “Very well.”

Jim took Spock’s hand in his and led him to the door of their home. “Well, perhaps, I’ll wait to warm you up a bit first.”

“That would be most agreeable.”

Light One Candle

Advent Day 7

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Spock went looking for Jim in the early evening on the first night of Hanukkah. They were visiting Spock’s parents on Vulcan during the time Hanukkah started and though Sarek did not care at all, Spock’s mother had been raised Jewish and enjoyed participating in many of the traditional celebrations.

That morning she had cheerfully served them all sufganiyot. On the menu tonight was potato latkes.

Jim had given to sitting outside in the evenings, the view of the city being one he was particularly fond of. He would sit outside sipping coffee and mulling over the fate of the Universe. Or so he would jest with Spock.

“Jim, Mother is preparing to light the Shamash candle to begin the first night of Hanukkah,” Spock said as he found his husband sitting next to the wall that surrounded Sarek’s house.

Jim smiled. “Great. I meant to go in before. I got lost in thought. Help me up?”

Spock reached down and pulled Jim up from the chair. He had a feeling Jim was bored with their visit, but he never said so.

“Do I need to change?”

“Certainly not.”

They returned to the house where Mother waited. There was no sign of Sarek, which Jim commented on.

“Sarek doesn’t come for the lighting?”

Mother smiled and shrugged. “Sometimes yes, sometimes no. At present he is in conference and we cannot wait.”

They gathered near the Menorah. Mother lit the candle in the middle, the Shamash candle.

“Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha’olam, asher kidshanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.” Mother spoke the first blessing.

“Amen,” Jim and Spock murmured.

“Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Ha’olam, she’asah nisim l’avoteinu, b’yamim haheim bazman hazeh.”

Spock’s mother smiled at them.

“And now, since it is the first night, we say the Shehecheyanu.”

“Blessed are You, O Lord Our God, Ruler of the Universe, Who has kept us alive, sustained us and brought us to this season”, Mother said in standard this time.

“Amen,” they replied.

She used the Shamash candle to light the first candle on the left. She then picked up the Menorah and brought it to sit in a window to the left of the main door.

“There! Thank you, boys, for indulging me.”

“We are hardly boys, Mother.”

She laughed. “To me you are. Let’s have some wine. Well, you and me, Jim. Spock can have some if he wants.”

Spock inclined his head. “A small amount would be fine.”

She poured them all small glasses of red wine and they sat in the room overlooking the Menorah.

“Many Vulcans over the year have asked Sarek why he allows me to continue with these traditions,” she said, taking a sip.

Jim raised his brows. “And? What does he say?”

She smirked. “I do not allow her anything. She is free to make her own choices.”

Jim saluted with his wine glass. “Wise.”

“It reminds me of home, of my family. For years, when they were alive, we could participate in it together, over conferences, videos, that kind of thing. Once when I was quite young and Spock had been recently born, we were even on Earth at the time, and we spent that time with them in person.”

“I did not know that,” Spock replied. “I do not remember.”

“It was a lovely time. And you were a Kanbu.”

Spock sniffed.

“Now,” she said wistfully. “Most are gone and I do it to remember them. I’ll be following them soon enough.”


“No one lives forever, Spock. Not even me. I am not saying I will pass tomorrow, but each Hanukkah might be my last.” She shook her head. “I don’t pretend to think you’ll carry on the traditions when I do, but it’s nice to be able to share it with you now, while we are both here.”

Jim reached over and squeezed Spock’s hand. He knew Jim was thinking of already having lost Spock once. And Spock did not look forward to the day he would face without Jim. Without them all, likely.

But for now—

“How about a toast?” Jim said, speaking up cheerfully. “To being together, to family, friends, to traditions. Happy Hanukkah.”

Mother smiled. “Happy Hanukkah.”

And they all took their sips. The potato latkes were particularly good that night.

Hanukkah, Hanukkah, Festival of Lights

Advent Day 3

Vanik stood before his uncle’s boyfriend, Jim Kirk. To Vanik, Jim was his uncle as well though they had yet to make anything official. There was no way Vanik would let Spock ruin his relationship with Jim, because even Vanik was aware they were T’hy’la.

Jim wasn’t paying any attention to Vanik at that moment. He was sitting behind his desk working on his terminal. Vanik supposed it was for the Academy, but he didn’t really care.

He had much more important things to discuss than Jim’s academic work, which Vanik knew Jim would ace anyway.

“Tomorrow night is the first night of Hanukkah.”


Vanik clutched his hands together behind his back and tried not to deflate at Jim’s lack of interest. After all, Jim had allowed him entry into the apartment and even supplied Vanik with his favorite drink of the moment, tomato juice.

“As you know, my mother is Jewish.”


“And Spock’s mother is Jewish.”


“As you are likely aware, you and Uncle Spock are joining us tomorrow for the start of the Festival of Lights.”

“I do,” Jim acknowledged, though he still failed to give Vanik his full attention.

“Anoria has a big feast planned.”

This earned him a little furrowed line between Jim’s significant brows. “Your mother.”

“Yes,” Vanik agreed. “She will be serving both Vulcan and Human dishes appropriate for all in attendance.” He paused. “She even plans to serve a brisket.”

Jim nodded.

“And Sufganiyots.”

Vanik was looking forward to that most of all as he loved jelly donuts.

“I know.”

Vanik sighed. “What did you get Uncle Spock?”

Finally, startled blue eyes landed on Vanik.


“For the first night. You did get him a small token of your affection, didn’t you?”

Jim squirmed. “Well. I mean, Spock’s mom is Jewish, but he doesn’t really…he doesn’t practice or anything. So I figured.” He shrugged.

“You would have Uncle Spock be the only one there who didn’t receive a Hanukkah gift?”


“I do exaggerate a bit,” Vanik agreed. “Mother and Father acquired small gifts for all of us, Uncle Spock and you included. It would be…troublesome that Spock did not receive a token gift from his significant other. At least on the very first night.”

Jim pushed his chair away from the desk and stood. “I didn’t think about that. It didn’t occur to me.”

Vanik had figured. Jim was truly a fantastic Human and greatly admired by many, Vanik himself definitely included, but there was no getting past that he was often quite…clueless.

“Fortunately, it did to me,” Vanik replied. “The tea shop on the corner is still open. I suggest you accompany me there to select a gift.”

Jim nodded. “Let me get my coat.”

Vanik smiled his satisfaction. In a Vulcan way of course.

As Jim shrugged it on, Vanik continued, “Perhaps it would be prudent to acquire small token gifts for the others in attendance as well.”

“You mean your mom, dad and you?” Jim laughed. “Yeah, okay.”

Vanik nearly clapped his hands. “I will assist you of course.”

“Of course.” Jim ruffled Vanik’s hair. He did not like it when anyone else did so, but for some reason Vanik didn’t mind it with Jim.

As they departed the apartment, Vanik suggested, “While we are out, we should get a pizza for dinner.”

Jim laughed again. “You’re staying for dinner, are you?”

“Since you insist, yes.”

“Okay, kid, okay. Come on, onward.”

The Holly and the Ivy

Advent Day 2

“The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown, of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown,” Jim sang enthusiastically as he pinned a branch of ivy with holly berries on his apartment door.

“O, the rising of the sun, and the running of the deer, the playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir, the holly bears a blossom as white as lily flower, and Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ, to be our dear savior.”

The door to the apartment next to his abruptly opened causing Jim to jump. He adjusted the giant Christmas wreath he currently wore around his neck. He’d been about to add it to his door as well.

“Do you know what time it is?” the Vulcan who lived next door to him demanded.

“Uh. No?”

“It is midnight. Five minutes past.”

“Oh.” Jim nodded, giving him a sheepish grin. “Sorry. Did I wake you?”

“I was meditating. That is until you started singing loudly from the hall.”

Jim’s smile broadened. “I’m sorry, I just got carried away. I picked up all this greenery while I was out and didn’t want to wait to put them up.”

“There may be others trying to sleep on this floor of the building,” the Vulcan pointed out.

“Yeah.” Jim licked his lips and turned back to the door to hang the wreath. He removed it from around his neck and fastened it to the tiny nail he’d placed there. He turned back toward the Vulcan, wiped his hands on the front of his jeans and held out his hand. “Jim Kirk.”

For a moment, the Vulcan stared at Jim’s hand, giving him a chance to realize Vulcans probably didn’t shake hands or anything and he started to draw his hand back when the Vulcan took his hand at last.


“Spock,” Jim said, softly. Spock hadn’t yet released his hand and Jim wasn’t sure how he felt about that. There was something that felt right about their hands clasped like this and Jim couldn’t have said what. “Well, uh, I should probably go inside and stop bothering you.”

Spock said nothing, but he did look down at their still held hands.

Jim took a chance. “Unless you’d like to come in for, uh, some peppermint mochas?”

“Does that include chocolate?”

“Uh, yeah. Is that a problem?”

Spock glanced toward his own apartment door and then back at Jim. “It…does not. Let me just get my sweater and I will be over.”

Jim smiled. “Great. I’ll start the mochas.”

And Spock released Jim’s hand. Jim almost grabbed it back, but managed to control himself. As he went into his apartment he continued humming his Christmas song.

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Advent Day 1

“You’re really going to the snowy mountains.”

Bones said it with such distaste Jim could only laugh. His tone suggested that anyone who chose snow over the sunny warm weather of the tropics was out of their mind.

And maybe Jim was.

“I really am.” He patted Bones’ arm. “You and Carol are going to have a great time in Fiji.”

“Don’t I know it? You, however…”

It was sorta strange to think of Bones with Carol. After Khan’s murder of her father, Carol spent a brief time on the Enterprise, during which she and Jim had sort of done a bit of flirting. Okay, a lot of flirting. And maybe more.

Then Carol had announced she was leaving and returning to San Francisco to pursue a position at HQ and that was that. At least for Jim and Carol.

But then after the end of their last five-year mission, Bones had met Carol in San Francisco and they’d connected and started up an affair that had, ultimately, turned into a relationship.

Jim remembered when Bones had come to him and asked him how he felt about them being together. Jim had wished them well. He had no left over feelings for Carol. His affections definitely lay elsewhere, no matter how unlikely those affections would ever be returned.

But now, in the middle of the second five-year mission, they had a bit of an extended leave thanks to significant damage the ship had experienced and as luck would have it, the leave was in December. And on Earth.

Jim planned a quiet few weeks at a mountain retreat. It had belonged to Christopher Pike and his wife, Una, at one time, but it was just Una’s now and she had agreed Jim could use it.

He was going to have all the food in the world he wanted, get a small tree and decorate it, and just have a nice safe white Christmas, free of drama and memories of his childhood. He greatly looked forward to it, even if Bones thought he was nuts.

“Bones, it’s going to be fine. I have everything planned. Spock’s going to drop me off on his way to see his Human relatives in Canada, then he’ll pick me up in a few weeks when the ship is finished.”

“I don’t like the idea of you being up there by yourself for weeks. What if something happens?”

Jim frowned. “Like what?”

“You could fall and break your hip.”

“How the hell old do you think I am?”

Bones snorted. “You know what I mean.”

“Actually, no. I’m fine, it’ll be fine. You’ll see me again in no time. Have a great time with Carol. Happy Holidays.”

Bones reluctantly accepted Jim’s goodbye hug and they went their separate ways.


The snow was falling rather heavily as Jim opened the door to the cabin that would be his home for the next few weeks. It was freezing cold, and snowflakes clung to his coat and hair. He should have worn a knit hat.  

Like Spock.

“You don’t have to carry all those groceries, Spock.”

“You have the pine tree.”

Jim carried the tree further into the cabin as he called for the lights to come on. It was quite a charming little place with a fireplace in the living room, a kitchen and a couple of bedrooms.

Spock headed into the kitchen with Jim’s purchases as Jim set up the tree in the living room next to the couch.

His next task would be to turn on the heat.

Jim stepped into the kitchen where Spock was putting away the purchases.

“I could do that,” he protested. “Wow, it’s really coming down.”

“You did choose this area hoping for such weather.”

“True.” Jim laughed. He leaned against the counter as Spock finished up. “So?”

Spock gave him a look. “Yes, I stuck to the story that I was visiting relatives in Canada. I do not know why.”

“Because I want this whole time to be just about us without nosey questions and innuendos and jokes.”

Spock pulled him close. “I am quite happy to let everyone know that we are together, Jim. It is you who wish to retain secrecy.”

“Mm. Have you told Uhura?”

“Not yet but she will be displeased that I kept the information from her.”

Jim smiled. “We’ll tell them all soon enough. In the meantime, we have this place all to ourselves. I’ve been so looking forward to this.”

Spock kissed him. “I cannot deny that I too anticipated it. And there was some element of excitement in that no one knew we would be spending the time together but us.”

“See?” Jim grinned. “Now, I’m going to get the heat on and take our luggage into the bedroom, and you can make us tea.”

This might be his best holiday season ever, Jim thought. Just the two of them. Snow. Merriment. And Love.

Lots of love.  

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