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“You know you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

Jim almost jumped when Uhura spoke behind him. He turned to see she was smirking slightly at him. “Huh?”

“Every time that Andorian girl Brooks brought talks to Spock, which is often, you tense up and get an aggravated look on your face.” Uhura shook her head. “He’s not even slightly interested in her.”

“She’s interested in him though.” He decided not to pretend she wasn’t reading him right. He didn’t like that girl practically invading Spock’s personal space. “And didn’t she come with Brooks?”

“He says they’re only friends. To be honest I think maybe she asked to come when she found out Spock would be at the dinner.”

“And that’s not supposed to bother me?”

“Right. Jim, Spock is completely smitten with you. She doesn’t stand a chance. Didn’t you make him vegan pumpkin pie?”

Jim nodded.

Uhura padded his arm. “Not a chance. Now I’ll go and distract her and you snatch him away.”

Jim smiled his thanks and watched as Uhura lured the Andorian away from Jim’s boyfriend, who Jim slid over to.

“Doing okay?”

“I am, yes.” Spock paused. “I am ready to depart whenever you are.”

Jim laughed. “Had enough, have you?”

“Not if you haven’t,” Spock replied diplomatically.

Jim glanced around, saw the Andorian was watching them with narrowed eyes, and leaned into kiss Spock.

“Now I am ready,” he announced with a wink.

Spock shook his head. “Illogical display of your claim.”

“You betcha. Let’s make our goodbyes and go home.”