This is a mishmosh of two ideas

“Spock? Spock, are you in here?”

Spock froze from his position under the desk in the corner of the study room.

Only an hour ago, he had come across Cadet Kirk in this very room.

“Hi.” Kirk had given him a sunny, though clearly confused smile. “Uh. I booked this room to study here for two hours.”

“I am afraid there must be some mistake,” Spock replied. “I reserved this space for a small group of science students.”

“Shoot.” Kirk had taken out his PADD and swiped his thumb across the screen with startling speed. “That’s so strange because it does say I booked it. Today.”

Spock opened his mouth to say he supposed it was possible to have his group meet elsewhere when Kirk gave him that sunny smile again.

“You know what? Forget it. I don’t really need it. I can go study in my dorm. I’ll just put my earphones on and ignore my roommate.”

“If you are certain…”

“Sure, no worries. See you later, Spock.”

During that last hour, disaster had struck at the Academy. Word had come through that there was an active maniac, as Pike had called him, roaming the campus firing his phaser and calling for Spock.

He knew the maniac. It was a student named Marius whom Spock had failed. Spock had always suspected Marius was unstable and now he knew that to be the case.

Spock hadn’t had time to evacuate so he had hunkered down here. With the door closed and locked. But somehow…

“Cadet Kirk! What are you doing? You were advised to evacuate.”

“I came for you.”

Kirk crouched down next to Spock, phaser raised protectively, as he placed himself directly in front of Spock under the desk.

“Cadet Kirk—

“Shh. We’re supposed to be quiet, Spock. We don’t want to alert him to where we are.”

Spock almost pointed out that Kirk had been the one shouting his name upon entering, but he closed his mouth. He was still startled speechless anyway that Kirk had placed himself directly in firing range should Marius make his way into the room.

Spock didn’t know how long they stayed that way. Hours, he thought. Though he was certainly rattled because his brain would not compute the time. His heart thumped in his side, not just from fear, though there was an element of that, but from the nearness of Spock’s crush.

Up until the moment Kirk had come flying in to protect him, Spock had not guessed that his feelings were in any way returned. Now he knew better.

Spock’s communicator chirped into the sudden silence and to their credit, neither one of them jumped. He saw it was Captain Pike.

“All clear, Spock. Marius has been apprehended.”

“That is good to hear, Captain.”

“Where are you?”

“Study Room 23. I advised my students who were to meet me here to evacuate instead.” Spock glanced at Kirk. “Cadet Kirk is with me.”

“Jim? What’s he doing there?”

Kirk smiled at Spock. Spock stared at him.


“We have a date, Captain.”

“A date? You and Kirk?”

Spock leaned in close to capture Kirk’s lips with his, just as Kirk moved closer to him. He closed his eyes as Kirk’s warm lips slanted over his.

“Spock? Jim?”

Kirk shook his head, took the communicator from Spock and said, “Spock’s safe and sound, sir. Kirk out.” He closed it. Moved closer to Spock until he was almost in his lap, even squished as they were under the desk. “Where were we?” Spock put his hand on the back of Jim’s neck as he drew him back into a kiss. “Right here.”