This is actually taking several suggestions given to me and making it one fic.

This is going to start today and finish Monday and Wednesday of next week. This one is from Pike’s POV. The other two are from Spock and Kirk.

This is AOS but I used Finnegan’s picture from TOS

“There are two cadets waiting to see you, Captain.”

Christopher Pike looked up from the reports he had been surveying into the steady, calm gaze of Ensign Marks.

“Oh? Did they have an appointment, Helen?”

“No, sir. But they do insist it’s important.”

“Who are these Cadets?” he asked with no little suspicion. She was starting to look far too amused.

“Cadet Kirk and Cadet Finnegan.”

He glanced over at Spock, who was assisting him with the reports, and sat in an oversized chair in front of his desk.

“Give us five minutes, Helen, and then bring them in.”

“Yes, Captain.”

When she had departed, he turned back to Spock.


Spock arched a brow. “I know nothing, sir.”

“Nothing? Jim didn’t inform you he was intending to come here this afternoon?”

“He did not. Cadets Kirk and Finnegan have been assigned to work together on an away mission simulation by Professor Lucas. I believe today was their first day.”

Pike frowned. “Lucas? Should I send for him?”

Spock shrugged.

He gave Spock a look before Ensign Marks returned with the two cadets in tow.

Both looked worse for wear. Spock was studying Jim’s appearance, but honestly Pike thought Finnegan looked worse.

Jim had a cut lip that was covered in dried blood and another cut on his forehead up over his right eye. Finnegan’s left eye was black and blue, there was a large ugly red bruise on his jaw, and a sling on his arm.

“What can we do for you…gentlemen?”

Jim’s gaze strayed briefly to Spock, then back to Pike’s. “We’d like to be let out of this assignment.”

Pike leaned back in his chair. “Why?”

It was Finnegan who snarled, “Because Kirk’s an insufferable immature, arrogant jerk.”

“I am? You’re the one who—

“Cadet.” Spock spoke softly but curtly and Jim closed his mouth immediately though Pike could tell he wasn’t at all happy about it.

Pike made sure they saw his displeasure. “Why come to me with this petty business? Why not go to Professor Lucas?”

“Lucas refused to excuse us from the assignment, sir. Or give us new partners. He suggested if we had a problem with that we seek out you.” Jim paused. “Sir.”

“And I suggest you get out of my office and stop bothering me. You’re going to find out, Cadets, there are many throughout your Starfleet careers that you will intensely dislike. It is your job, a requirement in fact, that you learn to deal with it and work together for the greater good. This, I am sure, is why Lucas refused your request. Out of my office.”

Kirk through one last nasty glance at Finnegan, who winked in the direction of Spock, and then turned on his heel and left. But not without shoving Finnegan as they went through the door.

Pike sighed. “Jim’s a friend of yours.”

“Indeed.” Spock paused. “They…both are.”

This did surprise Pike. “Finnegan?”

“He has his…charms.”

“I’ll take your word for it. I strongly suggest you advise your friends it is in their best interests to complete their assignment.”

“Yes, Captain.”