I have no clue if I have mentioned this or not but a while back one of my old fillings basically crumbled and came out over several months. I haven’t been to the dentist for 20 plus years. Or I hadn’t been until today, but we will get to that shorty.

Back in my youth I had a bad experience with dentists (several bad) and so I stopped going completely. I planned never to go as I had developed a dental phobia.

When my filling began coming out, I ignored it still. Until my recent trip over Labor Day weekend when was sipping a lovely ice cold cocktail and I nearly died from the pain (warning for exaggeration). That whole weekend I had to avoid that huge hole. Here’s a picture of it courtesy of the X-Ray taken this morning.

That hole there is it.

Anyway, no surprise but I need a root canal. Ugh. But the dental office I am assigned to through my insurance doesn’t have the endo dude so I have to call Monday for an appointment so I can get that done. Ugh.

Plus I need two or three other crowns and blah blah blah. My portion of all the other stuff (not the root canal) is $3000. If I decide to have everything that is. Right now I am concentrating on getting the root canal done as that’s what is causing me pain.

So yeah, there you have my poor poor story.

The moral? I should have gone to the damn dentist LOL