Probably not safe for work

Clothes were strewn about Jim’s dorm. They finally were lying on the little bed. Spock on Jim, kissing him breathless. Whatever experience neither of them had, Spock was a damn fine kisser.

And damn fine too. Before they’d gotten on the bed, Jim had snuck a look at Spock’s nude body. Maybe he was wrong, but Jim was pretty sure Spock was extremely well built.


And perhaps that part being well built ought to scare him a bit but it didn’t.

Jim sucked in a gulpful of air when Spock paused long enough to allow it. When Spock resumed his mouth’s assault, Jim lowered his hand between their bodies and closed his fingers around Spock’s hardening shaft. Of course, Jim knew what one felt like, having one himself, but this seemed somehow different. Having his fist around someone else’s dick, and Spock’s for pity’s sake, well…Jim considered his mind blown.

Spock moaned and stopped kissing Jim long enough to say hoarsely, “I can blow something else should you desire.”

Mirth bubbled up inside him. “Oh, I desire all right. Wait, were you reading my mind?”

“I am a touch telepath,” Spock reminded him. He groaned loudly when Jim swiped his thumb over the head of Spock’s cock. “For someone who has not done that you remarkably talented.”

“Well.” And Jim was blushing. “I have one, you know, and have done some…practicing.”

Spock arched a brow. “Yes, I take your meaning. I cannot deny a bit of research myself.”

Jim grinned, pulled him down for another kiss, but this time Spock pulled away.

“If your desire is for me to work my mouth on that particular appendage of yours, we will need to cease kissing, so that I may move down there.”

This time Jim laughed out loud. “Oh, my gosh, you’re so cool. I never imagined sex would be so funny and fun at the same time.”

Spock shrugged, kissed Jim once more, and then began to crawl down Jim’s body, dislodging Jim’s fingers from his own dick as he did so.

Jim’s breaths shorted. This was real. Spock was about to—