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Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love, Part/Chapter 14

Probably not safe for work

Clothes were strewn about Jim’s dorm. They finally were lying on the little bed. Spock on Jim, kissing him breathless. Whatever experience neither of them had, Spock was a damn fine kisser.

And damn fine too. Before they’d gotten on the bed, Jim had snuck a look at Spock’s nude body. Maybe he was wrong, but Jim was pretty sure Spock was extremely well built.


And perhaps that part being well built ought to scare him a bit but it didn’t.

Jim sucked in a gulpful of air when Spock paused long enough to allow it. When Spock resumed his mouth’s assault, Jim lowered his hand between their bodies and closed his fingers around Spock’s hardening shaft. Of course, Jim knew what one felt like, having one himself, but this seemed somehow different. Having his fist around someone else’s dick, and Spock’s for pity’s sake, well…Jim considered his mind blown.

Spock moaned and stopped kissing Jim long enough to say hoarsely, “I can blow something else should you desire.”

Mirth bubbled up inside him. “Oh, I desire all right. Wait, were you reading my mind?”

“I am a touch telepath,” Spock reminded him. He groaned loudly when Jim swiped his thumb over the head of Spock’s cock. “For someone who has not done that you remarkably talented.”

“Well.” And Jim was blushing. “I have one, you know, and have done some…practicing.”

Spock arched a brow. “Yes, I take your meaning. I cannot deny a bit of research myself.”

Jim grinned, pulled him down for another kiss, but this time Spock pulled away.

“If your desire is for me to work my mouth on that particular appendage of yours, we will need to cease kissing, so that I may move down there.”

This time Jim laughed out loud. “Oh, my gosh, you’re so cool. I never imagined sex would be so funny and fun at the same time.”

Spock shrugged, kissed Jim once more, and then began to crawl down Jim’s body, dislodging Jim’s fingers from his own dick as he did so.

Jim’s breaths shorted. This was real. Spock was about to—


Cosmic Love, Chapter 13, May 07, 2021

When I post this all at once on AO3 (if I do so we can all collect it if we want), I’ll probably play around with chapter placement, for now, this is the chapter numbers you get.

Spock kissed Jim for a long time. Holding him close. Arms around his waist. Just kissing. He wanted no pressure on either of them. Yes, he’d brought the necessary lubricant. And yes he wished for them to do whatever they felt like doing, but…on the other hand, he didn’t want to rush Jim. Or himself. They had time.

They made it over to Jim’s single bed. Fell on to it. Lips still connected. Arms still locked around each other. A fleeting thought was that they really needed bigger beds, both of them.

During a particularly heated kiss, Spock managed to knock Jim’s glasses askew, which caused a puff of a laugh to escape from Jim’s mouth to Spock’s and somehow it was like breathing the same air.

Spock removed the glasses and put them on a little side table by Jim’s bed. Now as he drew back and looked into those sapphire eyes, Spock thought they were like the most beautiful of jewels. He felt a bit foolish thinking this but he did anyway.

Jim licked his lips and Spock watched him. He watched Jim’s every move.

“Do you want to…do what we talked about or…like the-the full thing?”

Jim’s shy question filled Spock with so much warm affection and yes, lust, that it was almost too much for a Vulcan. He put his hand on Jim’s face. Everything about him, about this human, felt perfect, felt right.

“I want…everything with you.”

“Have you-you ever—?”

“I have no more experience than you, Jim, but…I have done research and I understand the logistics.”

Jim turned a bit pink, but his smile lit up his face. “Well…as long as you understand the logistics.”

“You are laughing at me.”

Jim shook his head, but his smile widened. “No. I mean, sure, but only a little. I, uh, too did some research. And I know how it works too.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “That is good.”

Jim returned to kissing him, and all amusement fled Spock’s mind, and his thoughts turned to what would happen next.    

Cosmic Love, Chapter 12, May 03, 2021

Got the next part done, so am posting it. Not sure about the rest of the week, but you get this, anyway.

Jim opened the door tentatively to the knock on his dorm door. He had a feeling it was Spock, though he certainly hoped Spock hadn’t thrown his mother out on Jim’s account.

Sure enough the Vulcan stood there.

“Hey.” Jim shifted a bit and pushed up his glasses on his nose. He’d changed into them earlier. “Uh. I’m sorry I bailed on you earlier. It was just…well…”

“I do apologize for the unexpected intrusion of my mother. May I come in?”

Jim held the door open and stepped back. He saw Spock carried a bag.

“What’s that?”

Spock seemed to hesitate and moment, but as Jim closed the door, he opened the bag and withdrew the contents. “I made a stop on the way.”

Jim stared at the bottle of lubricant. Moistened his lips. “Oh.”

“I thought, perhaps, given the interruption, we might wish to…start again.”

“I didn’t mean to be rude to your mom. I just, well, I hadn’t really expected that.”

Spock nodded. “Nor had I. That is not the norm for her. It was to be a surprise.”

Jim smiled a little. “She got that part right.”

“Indeed. Will you…allow me to stay?”

Jim came to him then, put his arms around Spock’s neck, and kissed him, deepening the kiss until Spock murmured low in his throat, kind of a cross between a purr and a growl.

It did crazy things to his heartrate.

“I think…you’d better.”   

Cosmic Love, Chapter 11, April 30, 2021

Spock had Jim lying on his bed—not sure they’d fit on the single, but certainly willing to try—squirming underneath him as he assailed Jim’s mouth with kisses. He had managed to get his finger under Jim’s shirt and was scooting it up to reveal smooth bare skin when—

There was a rather loud knock on his dormitory door.

And right then, Jim basically freaked out. He made a yelping sound, shoved Spock off him, and scrambled to his feet. He was so red that Spock became concerned.


Jim was yanking down his shirt and pressed his palm to his crotch.

Resigned as yet another knock sounded, Spock went to the door and opened it, quite aggravated at the interruption, and ready to bite the head off of whoever it was.

“Spock, I…”

His mother.

She looked past Spock and immediately saw the very embarrassed Jim looking so uncomfortable, Spock had the urge to hold him to calm him down. He could not though.

“I’m so sorry,” Mother exclaimed. “I didn’t know…Hello, I’m-I’m Spock’s mother.”

Jim had already made a beeline for the exit. His blue eyes were a bit shiny and he had reddened more if that was possible.


Mother moved out of his way, because otherwise Spock was certain he’d plow right through her.

“I’ve gotta go, Spock.”

And he was gone.

Mother covered her mouth with her hand. “I’ve interrupted something rather important, haven’t I? I’m sorry, Spock. My visit to San Francisco was unexpected and I just assumed you’d be here and…alone.”

Spock exhaled very slowly. “It is pleasant to see you in any circumstances, Mother.”

“I really am sorry. He looked like a very nice young man.”

Spock nodded. “He is.”

Mother embraced him then, as was her usual way, and Spock brought her to the dining room table while he made tea, her preferred drink.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.”

He shrugged slightly. “It is a recent event and one that still included preliminary exploration.” He realized how that sounded, given on what she nearly came in on, and cleared his throat. “I will make sure all is well later. For now, I am anxious to learn the meaning of your unexpected visit.”

“It’s nothing nefarious, I assure you. A friend had business here and invited me along. I thought it would be fantastic to see you. It was last minute and I wanted to surprise you.” She smiled warmly. “I guess I have.”

“Indeed.” Spock took a sip of the tea he had made. “A friend.” Though he did not wish to think of her moving on from his father, they had been separated for some time, and the possibility was there. “A male friend?”

“Yes, Spock, my friend is male.”

He felt his jaw clench, though he wished it was not so.

“How is your father?” she asked then.

“Given circumstances, I believe he is well.”

Mother finished her tea, then made to stand. “I’m staying at the Imperial Hotel. Join me for breakfast?”

“Just you?” Spock could not help himself. It was illogical to resent his mother from trying to move on from a relationship that had not worked for her, yet, he supposed he would always be that small boy who watched his mother leave his father and somehow blamed himself.

“Just me.” She smiled as she made her way to the door. “You can bring Jim if you’d like. If he’s willing to see me after what happened tonight.”

“I will see.”

When she left his dorm, Spock did not hesitate. He would go to Jim’s dorm now that she had gone. But first, he made a quick stop at the corner market for, as Jim had said, lubricant.

Cosmic Love, Chapter 10, April 28, 2021

Spock rather surprised himself with those words, his own actions. But somehow, even though he hadn’t even been touching Jim at the time, he’d known what Jim’s thoughts were. And he relished in them. In the very thought that this human was as attracted to him as Spock was to him.

He supposed he should be alarmed by this overwhelming attraction, but he found he could not be, illogical though it might be.

“Okay,” Jim whispered, his face flushed a becoming pink. “Uh. You-you have the-the stuff?”

Spock’s mind blanked. “The stuff?”

Jim licked his lips. “Lubricant. You know for-uh-penetration.”

Spock blinked. Then nodded slowly. “Yes. Yes, I realize. But no, I do not. I hadn’t thought…it was not planned.”

Jim laughed then. “Yeah, not by me either. Well, that sorta sucks.”

“We could go out and attempt to acquire it.”

“Sure.” Jim bit his lip. “Or we could, um, maybe try something else.”

“Something else?”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s neck and drew him forward for a kiss that Spock eagerly reciprocated. For a time, they merely kissed, though it was hardly mere to Spock, then sort of just breathed in each other.

Finally, Jim looked into Spock’s eyes, his gaze a saturated blue he had never experienced on Vulcan or perhaps anywhere, dropped his voice to a bare whisper and said, “Have you heard of a sixty-nine?”

And right there his pulse leaped. Though inexperienced himself, Spock was not naïve, and he knew sexual terms and slang quite well.

He stared into those eyes. Swallowed hard.

“Yes, I am familiar.” Jim smiled, it was wolfish and sweet at the same time. He flicked his head toward Spock’s bed. “Shall we?”

Cosmic Love Chapter 9, April 26. 2021

So I figured if I could write 2 chapters of tentacle sex, I could get something up here (yep, you read that right)

The evening was getting later and later and though it was nice, Jim was staring to wonder if he and Spock were going to just dance around what they both wanted.

Okay, so maybe not that far. Sure, Jim wanted that. He did. But the truth was he had never done that with anyone. And he wanted to. With Spock. Yeah. But first, maybe, they could get something as simple as the first kiss out of the way. Only the night was nearly over, as Jim had previously thought, and he really needed to go back to his own dorm, because he had an insanely early class due to a sadistic professor.

So Jim got up from Spock’s really rather uncomfortable proper sofa and he made his way to the door, thinking about how many times they had to do this before it was okay to get to the really good stuff, and wondering if the night they went for dinner and Bones’ would work. He could totally see his friend going apoplectic thinking he had lost his virginity to Spock that night. But hell, maybe it should do it before that, because that was still a couple of days off, but then there was still that elusive kiss and…

Suddenly he found himself against the wall, right next to the door, being very thoroughly kissed. Very, very thoroughly. Breathless. His breath actually hitched in his throat, something Jim hadn’t known could really happen, and then those Vulcan lips that had just kissed him until his toes curled in his shoes, hovered near his, blowing hots breaths against his tingling lips.

His eyes unfocused, Jim said, ”Wow.”

“You think very loudly,” was Spock’s response.

“Yeah? Is that a good-good thing?”

“It is a very good thing.” Spock kissed him again. “The answer is yes.”

“To what question?”

“It should be before that night. It should be tonight.”

Cosmic Love, Chapter 8 April 23, 2021

Spock did not know what giddiness felt like. He’d read about it, heard about it, but as a Vulcan the idea, the concept, seemed foreign to him, and yet he wondered if the nearly ridiculous sense of pleasure at having Jim seek him out in his dorm room was akin to that giddy feeling.

He’d invited Jim to stay for dinner and yet…Spock had nothing to cook for him. He’d been meaning to go to the store, but he simply hadn’t, and all he had was the replicator. Therefore, he’d be unable to duplicate what Jim had done and cook a meal from scratch.

“Something wrong?”

Spock turned to see Jim standing just outside the kitchen, looking as gorgeous as any human or any thing really, had a right to. He’d taken too long and Jim had begun to wonder.

Spock cleared his throat. “Unfortunately, I lack the ingredients to make dinner myself. I do, however, have replicators that I am able to use to create food. They are the latest models and are quite efficient.”

Jim laughed. It was a sound that filled Spock with unexpected warmth. “Sounds fine to me. Don’t stress over it.”


“You look a little harried. I’m not at all picky, Spock. You can replicate scrambled eggs and I’m okay with it.” Jim smiled. “It’s just nice spending time with you.”

“Very well.” Spock nodded. “Sit at the table and I will bring you something.”

And that’s what Spock ended up bringing for Jim. Eggs, potatoes and toast, whereas for himself he simply replicated a salad.

As he sat beside Jim at the table, Spock commented, “In truth this probably tastes better than anything I could make. I am not much of a cook as my education did not include those types of lessons.”

“Growing up in Riverside, we didn’t have fancy replicators,” Jim explained. “Never really put them in the house as my dad’s parents preferred making their own food there. Growing it too. My ex-stepfather hated to cook and refused to do it, so my brother and I had to learn or we didn’t eat.” He shrugged.

“You had a difficult childhood.”

“Only in comparison to some. Doesn’t sound like yours was that much better.”

Spock hesitated. “Perhaps not. Though I did not exactly have an abusive parent.”

“Frank was mostly emotionally abusive. Used to say we didn’t matter, that kind of thing. Hit Sam a couple of times. And me once or twice. Worst thing he did was send me to Tarsus and by the time I got off that planet of hell, he was gone.”

“That he hit you at all sickens me,” Spock replied. “If I am ever unfortunate to meet him, I will gladly punch him in the face.”

Jim laughed. “Okay. Well. I don’t really think that’s necessary. How about your parents, what were they like?”

“When I was young and Mother still lived on Vulcan, they argued a lot. My father was very strict and insisted on adhering to only the Vulcan way, which ended up being far more difficult for my mother than she anticipated. I believe that she loved him and went into the marriage with the best of intentions, but the arrival of me changed things for her.” Spock shook his head. “In the end, my father’s coldness became too much for her and she wished to take me with her to Earth, but he would not allow it, and with Vulcan elders backing him, she lost.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I was sent to the school on Tarsus IV because my father believed I had a rebellious nature that could be curbed there with instruction. When he brought me home, and later, all that happened there came to light, my mother was furious. They barely speak now.”

“That really sucks, Spock. I get where your mom is coming from, but to be fair, no one knew what would happen on Tarsus IV, so in that regard, it’s not his fault.”

Spock agreed. “Quite. But Mother is an emotional being and it was her opinion that he should have listened to her and sent me to school on Earth near her as she wanted. In any event, when I returned to Vulcan after we were evacuated, my instruction was quite regimented. I was being groomed to attend the Vulcan Science Academy.”

“And yet here you are.” Jim smiled. “I’m glad.”

“As am I.”

Cosmic Love, Chapter 7, April 21, 2021

Now that Jim stood before the door of Spock’s dorm, he had second and third doubts. He’d come without his glasses, usually only needing them for close up. He’d worn a nice shirt in blue that he knew flattered the color of his eyes and charcoal slacks that he knew were just tight enough to accentuate his rounded butt.

Was it too much?

Jim sighed and knocked.

He was a little startled when the door was opened almost immediately. And even more startled that it was opened by Uhura.

He was disoriented and thought maybe he had the wrong room.

But then just beyond her was Spock.

“Sorry,” Jim mumbled. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“You are not,” Spock said, coming forward to hold the door open wider. “Nyota was just leaving. Goodnight.”

She smiled slightly in Spock’s direction. “Night.”

And she was gone, Jim staring after her.

“Please come in, Jim.”

Somewhat cautiously, Jim entered Spock’s dorm.

“I really didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

“You were not as I said. Nyota is merely a friend. We had been discussing one of our mutual courses, but she needed to leave for a date.” Spock closed the door. “It is a pleasure to see you.”

“Is it? Good.”

“Indeed. You have frequently been on my mind since I was at your dorm. Please have a seat. Can I get you anything?”

“Not just now.” Jim noticed a sofa in the main room, so he went and took a seat there. “We have to exchange contact information, Spock, if this is going to work. I mean, cool that Uhura is just your friend, but it could have been pretty awkward if she wasn’t.”

Spock also sat and then he said, “I do agree. However, I wish to make it quite clear that there is no one else that I am pursuing in that type of relationship besides yourself.”

Jim smiled genuinely now, feeling somewhat relieved. “That does make me feel a lot better. I came over to ask you, well, my friend, Bones, Leonard McCoy, and his girlfriend, Christine, has asked me over to dinner on Friday, and they said I could bring someone, so I wondered if—”


Jim laughed. “Okay. So you’ll come?”

“I will, yes.”

Jim nodded. “Great. I asked that they have something you’d be able to eat. So everything should be good.” He put his hands on his knees to get up. “I’ll come and pick you up at around six. So if there’s nothing else, I’ll get out of your hair.”



“Do you currently have plans?”

“Well. No.”

“Have you eaten?”


“Would you stay here then and let me make you dinner?”

Jim sat back down. “I would like that.”

Cosmic Love, Chapter 6 April 19, 2021

“I should have known you’d be here with your nose in a book.”

Jim looked up from his book and smiled at his friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy. He sat in a small, isolated table in the back of the Academy’s archive library.

“Hi Bones.”

Bones made a snorting sound and sat across from Jim. He peered at him. “Your glasses are cute and all, but are you sure you don’t want me to fix your sight?”

Jim grimaced. “No thanks. I don’t need anyone messing with my eyes. Mom tried all that crap when I was a kid, and nothing worked. I was allergic to most of that.”

“Sure, but they come up with new stuff all the time.”

“Uh-huh. What’s up?”

“You allergic to any food?”

“Not that I know of.”

Bones nodded. “Christine wanted me to ask you as she’s planning the menu.” He paused. “You want to bring anyone?”

Jim bit his lip. “Well. Maybe. Um. But…is Christine going to make anything, uh, vegetarian?”

“I don’t know. I could ask. Why?”

“Because who I’m thinking of bringing is a vegetarian.”

“Oh? Who is that?”

“A Vulcan named Spock. He’s a cadet. He was over the other night at my dorm. We knew each other from school.”

Bones frowned. “Tarsus?”

Because yes, Jim had told Bones about his past. Pretty much Bones and Spock were Jim’s only friends so far.

“Yeah. He was a few years ahead, but we’ve connect here at the Academy. Not even sure he’ll come. But if he will…”

“All right, I’ll make sure she makes at least one dish he can eat then.” Bones peered at him. “How many of you were there anyway?”

“Oh, probably about twenty of us that Captain April evacuated. He was out instructor or head master, whatever.” Jim looked down at his book. “There were other kids there, they didn’t get out, not then.”

Bones covered Jim’s hand with his. “I’m sorry, Jim. But I’m really glad you’re here. All right, let me tell Christine, and let us know as soon as you can.” Bones stood then and left Jim to his book.

This time Jim was going to have to locate Spock’s dorm. They’d still not given each other any contact information. He shook his head, smiling to himself, and thinking about seeing Spock when he was done at the archive library.

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