Now that Jim stood before the door of Spock’s dorm, he had second and third doubts. He’d come without his glasses, usually only needing them for close up. He’d worn a nice shirt in blue that he knew flattered the color of his eyes and charcoal slacks that he knew were just tight enough to accentuate his rounded butt.

Was it too much?

Jim sighed and knocked.

He was a little startled when the door was opened almost immediately. And even more startled that it was opened by Uhura.

He was disoriented and thought maybe he had the wrong room.

But then just beyond her was Spock.

“Sorry,” Jim mumbled. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“You are not,” Spock said, coming forward to hold the door open wider. “Nyota was just leaving. Goodnight.”

She smiled slightly in Spock’s direction. “Night.”

And she was gone, Jim staring after her.

“Please come in, Jim.”

Somewhat cautiously, Jim entered Spock’s dorm.

“I really didn’t mean to interrupt anything.”

“You were not as I said. Nyota is merely a friend. We had been discussing one of our mutual courses, but she needed to leave for a date.” Spock closed the door. “It is a pleasure to see you.”

“Is it? Good.”

“Indeed. You have frequently been on my mind since I was at your dorm. Please have a seat. Can I get you anything?”

“Not just now.” Jim noticed a sofa in the main room, so he went and took a seat there. “We have to exchange contact information, Spock, if this is going to work. I mean, cool that Uhura is just your friend, but it could have been pretty awkward if she wasn’t.”

Spock also sat and then he said, “I do agree. However, I wish to make it quite clear that there is no one else that I am pursuing in that type of relationship besides yourself.”

Jim smiled genuinely now, feeling somewhat relieved. “That does make me feel a lot better. I came over to ask you, well, my friend, Bones, Leonard McCoy, and his girlfriend, Christine, has asked me over to dinner on Friday, and they said I could bring someone, so I wondered if—”


Jim laughed. “Okay. So you’ll come?”

“I will, yes.”

Jim nodded. “Great. I asked that they have something you’d be able to eat. So everything should be good.” He put his hands on his knees to get up. “I’ll come and pick you up at around six. So if there’s nothing else, I’ll get out of your hair.”



“Do you currently have plans?”

“Well. No.”

“Have you eaten?”


“Would you stay here then and let me make you dinner?”

Jim sat back down. “I would like that.”