“I should have known you’d be here with your nose in a book.”

Jim looked up from his book and smiled at his friend, Leonard “Bones” McCoy. He sat in a small, isolated table in the back of the Academy’s archive library.

“Hi Bones.”

Bones made a snorting sound and sat across from Jim. He peered at him. “Your glasses are cute and all, but are you sure you don’t want me to fix your sight?”

Jim grimaced. “No thanks. I don’t need anyone messing with my eyes. Mom tried all that crap when I was a kid, and nothing worked. I was allergic to most of that.”

“Sure, but they come up with new stuff all the time.”

“Uh-huh. What’s up?”

“You allergic to any food?”

“Not that I know of.”

Bones nodded. “Christine wanted me to ask you as she’s planning the menu.” He paused. “You want to bring anyone?”

Jim bit his lip. “Well. Maybe. Um. But…is Christine going to make anything, uh, vegetarian?”

“I don’t know. I could ask. Why?”

“Because who I’m thinking of bringing is a vegetarian.”

“Oh? Who is that?”

“A Vulcan named Spock. He’s a cadet. He was over the other night at my dorm. We knew each other from school.”

Bones frowned. “Tarsus?”

Because yes, Jim had told Bones about his past. Pretty much Bones and Spock were Jim’s only friends so far.

“Yeah. He was a few years ahead, but we’ve connect here at the Academy. Not even sure he’ll come. But if he will…”

“All right, I’ll make sure she makes at least one dish he can eat then.” Bones peered at him. “How many of you were there anyway?”

“Oh, probably about twenty of us that Captain April evacuated. He was out instructor or head master, whatever.” Jim looked down at his book. “There were other kids there, they didn’t get out, not then.”

Bones covered Jim’s hand with his. “I’m sorry, Jim. But I’m really glad you’re here. All right, let me tell Christine, and let us know as soon as you can.” Bones stood then and left Jim to his book.

This time Jim was going to have to locate Spock’s dorm. They’d still not given each other any contact information. He shook his head, smiling to himself, and thinking about seeing Spock when he was done at the archive library.