When Spock arrived home, Jim greeted him with a ready smile. Jim had changed out of his cadet’s uniform and into loose fitting sweat pants and a form fitting T-Shirt. He should not have looked unbelievably attractive to Spock, but he did.

Spock was rather… rattled anyway, given his most recent conversation with Nyota.

Spock, that sounds like Kirk asked you for a date.  

A date, if she was correct, implied Jim’s romantic interest. Which, of course, would be a very positive occurrence to Spock, if that were indeed the case. But Jim had invited Spock to watch movies with him before and there had been no particular indication at that time that Jim thought of it as romantic. Spock was torn.


Spock blinked. Jim had been speaking to him and he had missed it. “I apologize. Can you repeat that?”

Jim bit his lip. “Uh. Just, um, I have everything set up and ready. Did you want to change into something more comfortable?”

Spock was still in the process of trying to analyze all of his interactions with Jim since they met at the start of the fall semester. Therefore, he did not respond, at first, and admittedly, continued to stare at Jim.

And that’s when Jim’s expression disappeared altogether. No smile, hesitant or otherwise, no dismay, nothing. Spock thought he might be able to give some Vulcans lessons.

“It’s all right if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to watch with me,” Jim said, his voice casual, his tone easy.

Spock shook his head. “Negative, I have not. I am…I intend to join you.”

Jim moistened his lips and nodded. “Okay. Did you eat something? I can make you some rice and veggies.”

“I had a vegetable wrap with my tea.” He paused. “I would like to take a shower first.”

“All right, cool. When you’re ready, I’ll be on the couch.”

Spock went into his bedroom and sat on his bed, breathing deeply. There were so many mixed signals and he just did not understand Humans. And perhaps Jim most of all.

Spock, that sounds like Kirk asked you for a date.  

He had shared his plans with Nyota when they met over tea and vegetable wraps. And this is what she had told him.

His mother had advised him to share his feelings with Jim. He had been opposed to doing so, because…despite her advice, Spock had seen two outcomes.

If he told Jim he was interested in Jim romantically, what if Jim replied that he did not see Spock that way and decided to move, leaving Spock alone.  Perhaps that is the outcome he should wish for if Jim had no feelings, but Spock absolutely did not want Jim to depart. He knew that was not logical since he hadn’t wanted Jim to move with him.

If he told Jim that it was preferable that Jim not bring his paramours to their apartment, then Jim might spend his nights elsewhere and cause Spock concern and consternation.

It was all of this that had prevented Spock from speaking up. But Jim seemed in an odd mood and Spock had a feeling that he was being tested in a way he simply didn’t understand.

After a few minutes of mini-meditation, Spock rose and found his pajamas pants, flannel, and a long sleeve shirt he often wore to bed with the pants. They seemed in keeping with the spirit of Jim’s attire.

He allowed himself a quick hot shower, then he dressed in these casual clothes, and prepared to join Jim for the movies.  As he exited his bedroom after changing, he could smell popcorn.

Sure enough, Jim sat on the couch, feet drawn up so that he formed a rather defensive looking ball. He held a large bowl of popcorn.

Jim smiled tentatively. “Hi.”

“Hello Jim.” Spock approached the couch. “Scoot over.”