I plan to have Roommates finished by Friday

If everything goes as planned new flashes will appear February 8th.

I need to update Clarity, my mpreg Starfleet Academy story. I am hoping to get this finished in just a few more chapters. It’s been a wonderful story but I think I would like to wrap it up with Spock and Jim happily having Jim’s daughter to care for.

Also in need of updating for February is Granted. I believe I left it with Jim asking Spock of he truly wanted him as a bondmate. I have a vague idea what I want to happen with this story but we will see if I can pull it off.

Those two stories were last updated in November so they are definitely a priority.

Then My Heart Wants to Sight, the SOM au. I have had several comments begging me to continue.

Believe it or not I am down to only 7 WIPS. HA HA. I am not counting Roommates as I expect it to be finished this week.

So this is where my mind is for February. A crazy busy month again for me.