a continuation

“I’m, uh, well, I’m sorry about leaving you with my mom, you know, alone.”

Jim rubbed the back of his neck and tried not to look directly at Spock. While it was true he definitely felt some amusement at leaving Spock to face Winona while he dealt with the admiral’s endless questions, he also felt a little embarrassed. Things were so damn new between them. There’d been plenty of sex and affection, but no real declarations involving long term or-or-whatever.

Spock was in Jim’s room, looking at Jim with that rather Vulcan blank look that turned Jim on like crazy. There wasn’t much about Spock that didn’t turn Jim on. But it was more than lust for Jim. And he thought for Spock. But just…

“The amount of time you were gone was not excessive,” Spock replied.

“No. But…she probably drove you a little nuts with her nosey questions.”

Spock merely shrugged.

Jim cleared his throat. “Anyway, you know me, with most things I leap before looking.”

“This is true.”

He sensed a reproach in there. He ignored it and continued, “But not in relationships. I never do then. Except, well, with you, I have. And I’m a little paranoid that I’m going to say or do something that will doom me before we get started.”

Spock tilted his head. Yet another thing that turned Jim on. “We have, as you say, already started.”

“Yeah.” And Jim laughed at that. A nervous laugh, yeah. “You might be regretting that about now.”

“I am not,” Spock said simply. His gaze went to the presents from Jim’s mom, which Jim had placed on the bed. “What did she give you?”

“Oh. You know. Mom things, I guess.” And then he felt stupid and idiotic. Spock’s mom was human and well…God, he really was going to fuck this all up. He sunk down, defeated, on the bed.

Spock came over and sat beside him. “Your mother is alive and is in your life. You cannot nor should you avoid speaking of her with me simply because mine is deceased.”

“You knew that’s what went through my mind?”

Spock nodded.

“Because of the telepathy?”

“No. Because I have come to know you better than you think. Show me your gifts.”

Jim smiled. “Okay. But there’s like underwear, pajamas, chips, cookies…” He laughed at Spock’s arched brow. “I like to eat. A lot. Because, well, maybe someday I’ll tell you. But look at these. You have to try them…”