Fall Guys

Jim woke with his Vulcan lying on top of him. It had sure been surprising to learn how clingy and cuddly Spock was. He could feel there was a chill to the air but with his Vulcan blanket he was anything but cold.

With a turn of his head he could see through the window the snow falling pretty heavily. Spock wouldn’t be amused.


“Hi baby. Guess you’re awake.”

Spock shifted off him. Sort of. He remained very close and touching Jim still. “It is cold.”

“Yeah. Snowing. A lot.”

Spock made a sort of harrumphing noise, turned to lie on his back, and pulled Jim to lie atop him. “Then we should stay in bed.”

Jim chuckled. “Can’t totally argue with you there.”

“You will miss this when we return to the Enterprise.”

“Yeah. I know you won’t, though.”

“I will miss living here with just you, having nothing but time on our hands to do whatever it is we wish. But the cold? I will not.”

He smiled. “It won’t be long now. Our leave is up soon.”

Spock greeted this with a silent moment, then a heavily released breath. “Do you wish to see if it can be extended?”


“I am not certain you are yet fully recovered from your injuries.”

With a sigh, he shook his head. “Nah. I am. Good enough anyway. They’ve been more than generous. More than I expected.”

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “But you have been enjoying our time here.”

“Sure. It’s been wonderful. And I’ve never had a better Christmas. So, yeah, I’m sad our time together is almost over.”

Spock stiffened beneath him.

Jim rose a little and looked down at him. “Not our time, Spock.  That’s never going to end.” He paused. “Is it?”

“Not for me, no. Never.”

Jim took Spock’s hand in his. “Then what is it?”

“It is difficult for me sometimes to remember that this is real,” Spock said, softly. “That you really feel for me similar feelings to the way I have harbored feelings for you for so long. When I was with Nyota I was content.”

Jim searched his face. “Okay. Then why didn’t you stay with her?”

“Contentment was not enough for Nyota. She wanted to be happy.” Spock lowered his gaze. “She had guessed my feelings for her had changed to more of deep companionship rather than romantic and that I had fallen for you. That was not enough for her and she did not believe it was enough for me.”


“At first I did not believe she was correct.” Spock’s lips curved as he lifted his gaze to Jim’s. “But now that I have happiness with you, I know she made the correct decision for both of us. I have not experienced what I have with you with anyone else and that is, of course, because you are my T’hy’la.” Spock raised the hand Jim was not holding to Jim’s cheek. “I want to marry you. I want to bond with you. My brother, friend, lover, my everything.”

Jim brought Spock’s hand to his face. “You’re my everything too. I want that. I want it all with you, Spock. Forever.”

Later, after they did get out of bed, Jim talked Spock into helping him make gingerbread men. And then sugar cookies.

Then they sat on the couch, next to the tree, with a fire going, munching on the cookies with some mulled cider.

Jim laughed. “I never did any of this as a kid.”

“Nor did I.”

“Did your folks celebrate anything?” Jim wondered.

“No. My father thought such celebrations were very un-Vulcan. Mother mostly acquiesced to his wishes on that. I believe when she herself was young and still on Earth she observed the Jewish feasts, remembrances, and holidays.”

He smiled faintly. “I’ve never done any of this as an adult either. So, thank you. It really has been the most wonderful time. Not just now, but for the couples of months we’ve been here. I’ll cherish it, for a long long time.”

“And I will cherish you, my James.”