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Fall Guys

It Is Time…

Saying Goodbye to my Fall Guys, it’s been a great three months.

Jim got up early, letting Spock continue to sleep, as he left the bedroom and went downstairs. He didn’t bother to shower. Not yet. He just pulled on the clothes he’d worn the day before and then took his hiking boots and socks with him to put on before going outside.

The air was brisk and the ground crunchy from frost, but the sky was clear, even as the sun had begun to arrive.

His breath swirled in front of him as he took his walk away from the farmhouse and Spock.

Soon opportunities like this would be gone. He sometimes went for long walks on the Enterprise, but they were seldom, if ever, solitary, as there were always crew members around at any given time and it wasn’t as though as captain, he went unnoticed. Ever.

Alone time on the Enterprise was not something Jim ever got to enjoy. And mostly, Jim was okay with that. He’d spent a lot of his early years alone, so he was okay with not being alone now. In fact, he generally preferred to be surrounded by others, especially loved ones, as he now seemed to think of his closest crew members.

But being with Spock these past three months had been Jim’s idea of heaven. However, he knew it was coming to an end.

In just a couple of days they were due back in San Francisco. Jim would be cleared by medical and then the Enterprise would be able to continue her mission.  Jim had no idea when he would be coming back here. It might be years or…dare he think it…never.

Jim was glad to be going back. He missed the beautiful lady. And he missed Bones and all the crew, their friends.

But he could admit, here, to himself, and to Spock, that this…this was nice.

He walked for miles, not even paying any great attention to his destination, but finally ending up in Riverside proper, the city, and over to a little diner he hadn’t been to since he’d left Riverside years ago for the Academy.

He seated himself at a booth and ordered a coffee, texting Spock with his whereabouts, and asking him to join him.

Jim was not at all surprised when Spock made it there in record time. He figured Spock had likely awakened and had been preparing to go in search of Jim.

Spock slid into the booth across from him and gave him a look that figured was not supposed to be reproachful, but it totally was.

“I woke and…”

“I know,” Jim interrupted softly. “I ended up going for a longer walk than I had originally planned or I’d have left a note. Sorry to make you worry.”

Spock nodded, accepted the offer of a beverage from the waitress, and then said to Jim after she left them to make their food choices, “You have been here before?”

He smiled. “Oh, sure. Many times. Mom once dated the guy who owned it.”


“God, no. This was after Frank. Nice guy, but it didn’t work out. Anyway, he used to give me free food back then. Whatever I wanted. And after…”


“Yeah. Like I said, nice guy.”

“You will miss this place.”

And Jim knew he didn’t mean the diner only but all of Riverside and Iowa itself, if came to that. And he would.


“Funny. I once couldn’t wait to get away from here. Never in a million years thought I would miss it. There’s an old phrase that says something about you can’t go home again. It’s supposed to mean that it’s never really the same, not the way you remembered, you can never get time back or the way it used to be back, that kind of thing, but in a lot of ways it’s more precious to me than it ever was back then.”

Spock reached for Jim’s hand who gladly gave it to him. “We have made pleasant memories here.”

“Yeah, we have. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

“It is the same for me.”

Jim smiled. “But I am, very much, looking forward to the New Year, the new us, the future, wherever it takes us.”

“To marriage and to bonding, is my desire.”

His smile widened and his heart was full. “Mine too.” He picked up his coffee mug and gestured for Spock to pick up his cup of tea. “To tomorrow and beyond.”

They clinked cups and took drinks and then they glanced toward the windows of the diner and watched the fresh falling snow.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fall Guys

Jim woke with his Vulcan lying on top of him. It had sure been surprising to learn how clingy and cuddly Spock was. He could feel there was a chill to the air but with his Vulcan blanket he was anything but cold.

With a turn of his head he could see through the window the snow falling pretty heavily. Spock wouldn’t be amused.


“Hi baby. Guess you’re awake.”

Spock shifted off him. Sort of. He remained very close and touching Jim still. “It is cold.”

“Yeah. Snowing. A lot.”

Spock made a sort of harrumphing noise, turned to lie on his back, and pulled Jim to lie atop him. “Then we should stay in bed.”

Jim chuckled. “Can’t totally argue with you there.”

“You will miss this when we return to the Enterprise.”

“Yeah. I know you won’t, though.”

“I will miss living here with just you, having nothing but time on our hands to do whatever it is we wish. But the cold? I will not.”

He smiled. “It won’t be long now. Our leave is up soon.”

Spock greeted this with a silent moment, then a heavily released breath. “Do you wish to see if it can be extended?”


“I am not certain you are yet fully recovered from your injuries.”

With a sigh, he shook his head. “Nah. I am. Good enough anyway. They’ve been more than generous. More than I expected.”

“Yes,” Spock agreed. “But you have been enjoying our time here.”

“Sure. It’s been wonderful. And I’ve never had a better Christmas. So, yeah, I’m sad our time together is almost over.”

Spock stiffened beneath him.

Jim rose a little and looked down at him. “Not our time, Spock.  That’s never going to end.” He paused. “Is it?”

“Not for me, no. Never.”

Jim took Spock’s hand in his. “Then what is it?”

“It is difficult for me sometimes to remember that this is real,” Spock said, softly. “That you really feel for me similar feelings to the way I have harbored feelings for you for so long. When I was with Nyota I was content.”

Jim searched his face. “Okay. Then why didn’t you stay with her?”

“Contentment was not enough for Nyota. She wanted to be happy.” Spock lowered his gaze. “She had guessed my feelings for her had changed to more of deep companionship rather than romantic and that I had fallen for you. That was not enough for her and she did not believe it was enough for me.”


“At first I did not believe she was correct.” Spock’s lips curved as he lifted his gaze to Jim’s. “But now that I have happiness with you, I know she made the correct decision for both of us. I have not experienced what I have with you with anyone else and that is, of course, because you are my T’hy’la.” Spock raised the hand Jim was not holding to Jim’s cheek. “I want to marry you. I want to bond with you. My brother, friend, lover, my everything.”

Jim brought Spock’s hand to his face. “You’re my everything too. I want that. I want it all with you, Spock. Forever.”

Later, after they did get out of bed, Jim talked Spock into helping him make gingerbread men. And then sugar cookies.

Then they sat on the couch, next to the tree, with a fire going, munching on the cookies with some mulled cider.

Jim laughed. “I never did any of this as a kid.”

“Nor did I.”

“Did your folks celebrate anything?” Jim wondered.

“No. My father thought such celebrations were very un-Vulcan. Mother mostly acquiesced to his wishes on that. I believe when she herself was young and still on Earth she observed the Jewish feasts, remembrances, and holidays.”

He smiled faintly. “I’ve never done any of this as an adult either. So, thank you. It really has been the most wonderful time. Not just now, but for the couples of months we’ve been here. I’ll cherish it, for a long long time.”

“And I will cherish you, my James.”

Let it Snow

Fall Guys

“I hate to admit it but the song you played earlier is quite correct.”

Jim eyed his boyfriend, who admittedly looked quite grumpy at the moment. He looked adorable, of course. Spock was bundled up in a down jacket with a woolen cap, thick waterproof gloves, and earmuffs as though they were camping out in an igloo instead of merely standing outside in the yard.  Oh. A scarf around his neck too.

Jim was pretty sure before this moment he could not be any more in love. He’d been wrong.

“How’s that, babe?”

“The weather is frightful.”

He said it was such a straight face and so deadpan that Jim fought the laugh that wanted to spill out. Instead he nodded. “The snow bothering you, Spock?”

Because yes a little bit ago, the snowfall had become harder than when they’d first come outside. It had snowed overnight and Jim had suggested that they come out and build a snowman.

“A what?”

“A snowman.”

“A man made out of snow?”


Clearly the concept had been quite lost on Spock, but he bundled up, thusly, and accompanied Jim outside, somewhat begrudgingly.

“And it does not show signs of stopping.” Spock tilted his head to look up at the sky. “I have also noted a marginal decrease in the optimal temperature.”

Jim smiled. “I love you so much.”

That earned him the raised eyebrow. “And I love you as well, though I do fail to make the connection with what I just said.”

“I know. Well. The good news, Spock, is we have no place we need to go and I can build us a fire. Just like in the song.”

Spock seemed troubled by this, which Jim was unsure why.


“In the song, they kiss goodbye. I do not wish to do that part.”

Jim laughed. “Well. No. We won’t. Babe, we’re not actually living the song. It’s okay. We’ll just have a nice fire and cuddle on the couch.” Jim’s smile widened. “I noticed you like to cuddle.”

Spock turned green. “Well. There is the plain fact that you are quite tempting to cuddle with. I did not notice a prior need to cuddle.”

It was on the tip of his tongue to mention he could see why Uhura wouldn’t be very cuddly, but decided not to go there. He liked her. And Spock did too. Loved her even. And well, Jim didn’t like to be reminded that they’d been very close to marrying or the Vulcan equivalent. Or at least he thought they had been.

“Want to go back inside?”

“You do not appear to have finished your snow humanoid.”

“Er. Right. But I can finish him tomorrow or something. By myself if you don’t want to come out into the cold. No big deal.”

“Very well. Then I would enjoy spending time inside with you.”

Jim eyed his half-finished snowman regretfully and linked his arm with Spock’s to go back into the farmhouse.

In some ways the place was haunted by memories, not ghosts or anything, and not all of them bad. When he was that young guy who’d Pike picked up off the floor, he’d ended up enlisting in Starfleet to get away from this place more than having an interest. Sure, the dare had something to do with it. To young Jim, anyway. But he’d grown up since then. And analyzed himself in those days a lot.

He got Spock situated on the couch, made them hot peppermint mochas, and then built up the fire.

By the time he joined Spock on the couch, he could tell his first officer was losing patience. But he instantly pulled Jim closer to him on the sofa.

“This is much more delightful, as the song says,” Spock said softly.

Jim laughed, kissed him and murmured, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

“I would not go that far.”

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Our fall guys return

Ding Dong Merrily on High, In Heaven the Bells are Ringing,” Jim sang out. “Ding Dong Verily the Sky, is Riv’n with Angels Singing.”

“What is the meaning of this song you are singing, Captain?”

Jim smiled as he lifted a string of lights to the artificial Christmas tree he’d put up in the living room of the farmhouse. They’d compromised on the fake tree. He had wanted to get a real one, but Spock had shown his displeasure over killing trees.

“It basically means that a whole bunch of angels are singing in heaven because the birth of the son of God. This particular Christmas Carol is quite old.”

From the twenty-second century?”

Jim laughed. “No older. The music is from some time in the fifteen hundreds, but the lyrics were added about three hundred years after that. Anyway, my grandmother liked the song, so that’s how I know about it. It’s not that widely sang now, probably wasn’t even before. But you know, I like to. Makes me think of her and those old days.”

“You have a pleasing singing voice, Jim,” Spock informed him.

“You don’t have to say so, I still love you even if my singing bothers you,” Jim joked.

“It does not and I meant what I said.” Spock bent over a box of ornaments they had purchased along with the tree. Jim supposed there might be ornaments and lights somewhere in the basement, he sure as hell didn’t know where, but he felt disinclined to go searching for them so they’d bought new ones. Red and Green and Silver and Gold balls. Spock removed several from the box and put some on the branches of the tree and handed some to Jim to place them himself.

Jim looked toward the kitchen and the window in it. “It’s clouding over. Which means it’s probably going to storm later.”

“Snow?” Spock could barely hide the alarm in his voice.

Jim tried not to show his amusement. “Nah. I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but it seems early in the season for that. Probably just rain.”

Spock relaxed slightly. “It seems cold enough for snow. And I can say that being cooped up inside with you is not an unpleasant undertaking.”

Jim winked. “Sounds great to me too. And even if it’s just rain, we can be cooped up together. Hell, we can just pretend. I sure don’t want to go anywhere. We have plenty of provisions. Coffee, tea, ice cream, eggnog. Lots of food. We’ll be good for several days if we want.”

They finished adding the last ornaments and then Jim connected and turned on the lights.

He stood back, arm around Spock, as they gazed at the lit, decorated tree.

Jim smiled. “Oh, wait I forgot the star for the top.”

He grabbed up the gold sequined star and stood on tiptoes to put it on. Then he returned to where Spock stood.

“What is the significance of the star?”

“I guess to represent the star that led the three wisemen to the manger when Jesus was born. Some people put other things up there. Angels and the like. But I like the star. It’s pretty, huh?”

Spock nodded. “It is.”

Jim leaned over and kissed Spock’s jaw. “Let’s grab some nog and cuddle on the couch in front of the tree.”

And as they turned toward the kitchen, Jim noticed the first flakes of snow falling. He decided not to point them out to Spock.    

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