In the nearly a month they had been living together at the Riverside farmhouse, Spock had become used to Jim rising from their bed before he did. It was a strange experience, because Spock had always risen well before Nyota during their time together and Spock was aware that Vulcans didn’t need as much sleep as Humans.

But of course, Spock was no ordinary Vulcan. And Jim was no ordinary Human. At first he was worried about Jim’s sleep patterns and wondered if his sleep was disturbed with unpleasant dreams that woke him, but it soon became clear that was not the case, on average anyway, and that Jim’s sleep patterns were normal for him. He functioned very highly with much less sleep than others around him.

Spock found himself often quite exhausted after nights of explorations between him and Jim. Though they had not fully consummated things between them, they’d experienced a lot of erotic play. Spock was careful never to take things too far while Jim recuperated. But last night their mutual blowjobs, as Humans called them, had been extremely satisfactory. Jim had referred to their position as 69.


Today, Spock recalled as he rose from their bed to shower, they were going into the city proper for an event Jim told him was the Harvest Festival. Children would also be participating in an ancient custom called ‘Trick or Treating’ where they were given candy.

“I know, you never went Trick or Treating on Vulcan,” Jim had said with a wry smile.

“I did not.”

Jim had told him the neighborhood kids traipsing about from door to door was no longer especially practiced, but there were generally activities such as this for children. He’d also asked Spock if he wanted to wear a costume.

Spock had declined.

Spock did dress in autumnal colors after bathing. He pulled on a pair of brown slacks that he paired with an auburn sweater. He also put on his brown ankle boots.

He found Jim sitting at the dining room table, coffee and coffee cake in front of him, furiously typing on a PADD.

Spock walked behind him to peer down at the screen. He straightened. “Jim, you are on leave.”

“I know.” Jim absently held out two fingers toward Spock, who, of course, met them gratefully. “Good morning.”

Spock shook his head and went into the kitchen. “Good morning. What time do you want to leave for the Festival?”

“Soon as I finish this.”

“You aren’t supposed to be doing that.” Spock lifted a cup to his mouth and took a large swallow of tea that Jim had left for him. It was still hot, so Jim must have heard him getting ready upstairs. He did love an efficient boyfriend.

“It’s just the roster for when we’re back on the Enterprise.”

“I could have attended to that.”

“It’s your leave too.” Jim forked a bite of the cake, popped into his mouth and chewed.

Spock was endlessly puzzled with Jim’s love for sweet breakfasts. “I was not subjected to mass internal injuries.”

“I’m fine, honey.” Jim swiped his finger across the PADD and then set it aside. He leaned back in the chair and gave Spock a heart stopping smile. “You look scrumptious.”

“At least you are looking at me now,” Spock replied with a raised eyebrow. He noted Jim had on a bright orange T-shirt with a ghoulish Jack O Lantern face on the front. “Where did you get that?”

“Ordered it online.” Jim stood and went to where Spock stood. “Don’t look so grumpy. This is going to be fun.”

“Wandering around in crowds of strangers who paw at merchandise they do not need, running to stand in lines for rides that are unsafe not to mention unwise, throwing darts at balloons in an effort to win prizes they will throw away next week…”

Jim laughed and kissed him. “You are grumpy.”

Spock shook his head. “I will do anything you wish to, Jim.”

Jim’s grin slipped into a soft smile. “I know. Because you’re just happy I’m alive and that you love me.”


Jim kissed him again. “All right. Harvest Festival time.”

Much later, they returned home, Jim drooping again, but proudly holding the stuffed pumpkin with legs Spock had won him, and Spock holding the water filled bag with the goldfish Jim had won him.

And they’d both ate far too much candy.

But Spock had to admit, that yes, it had been fun.