I’m back from Solvang/Santa Inez but super exhausted. Got back about an hour ago.


Solvang was so gorgeous this time. Not a bit of wind there. Just stunning. We had pastries at our favorite bakery and then did some wine tasting at a couple of places. Had a lot of fun.

One of the wineries you got cheese pairings with the tasting so that was nice

Then we checked into the Chumash Casino for overnight. Had planned to have some wine on the balcony but it got down to 37 at night and so we decided nope! Had a nice dinner at the restaurant, put the mother to bed (she poops out fast at 93) and then went out and played some more. I won $1,000! Pretty cool since I didn’t have to pay for any of it. And that $1,000 goes to my property taxes due soon. I was wondering how I was going to come up with the money but God came through for me in this case.

Our Balcony
The view was the roof of the casino but nice house and sky in the background

We had fun! Then we got some Swarovski crystal this morning, played some more, where the mother won her own $1,000, and then we stopped at the Ventura Harbor for a lunch of fish, shrimp and chips. Great time and great weather.

Of course tonight we are in for another “Wind Event” all the way until Noon on Halloween. Sigh. Which probably means more brush fires. Many of which are started by some freak! Grrr.

You will have all read Somebody’s Knocking on AO3 my latest Song Fic. Otherwise I’m currently tired and still working on December flashes. Next up for AO3 is Cadet Ashayam, but we will see when that happens.

The usual flashes are coming for the week, including the last October flash.