We’re having the evil chaotic winds again. Supposed to for the next few days. Just ugh. Basically that means we are on fire watch. There’s a big fire up north in Wine Country. They got hit hard last year. So sad as it’s such a beautiful area. I love it up there.

I’ve made some progress on my Jim/Prime Christmas story. I hope to make it somewhat shortish but whenever I say that…well…

I’m also working on another December Flash. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but all the 25 Days Flashes in December are named after Holiday Songs. The one I am working on now is called…oh wait. No spoilers! ha ha. But I think you will be very pleased.

Nine Lives will be up next for AO3 updates, but not sure when I will get to that because the next few days will be quite busy for me and I still want to get some Flashes done and scheduled.

Have a party Saturday and then I’m going away Monday and Tuesday. So anyway, I hope it won’t be too long until I get to it because I’d like to wrap Nine Lives up soon.

I greatly look forward to you reading the continuation of my Fall Guys tomorrow