Every Wednesday in October you will get an October themed flash (including Halloweenish, though I will try not to make them too scary. Enjoy!

“Bones hates pumpkin spice.”

Spock looked up from his PADD to eye his captain who had just flopped down across from Spock at the table in the mess room. “While unfortunate considering your obsessive love for it, I hardly think it warrants the alarm in your tone, Captain.”

“Well.” Jim sighed and leaned his chin on his hand. “I’ve known him for, I don’t know, years and years, and you think you know a guy and…then wham. They declare such a blasphemy.”

“You could look at it as an indication that leaves more pumpkin spice for you.”

His captain smiled. “That’s true.”

“And also an indication that the doctor is not entirely right in the head.” Spock paused. “Although I have long suspected that.”

Jim’s smile widened. “Damn, but you do know how to make me feel better.”

“As first officer, it is my duty to do so.”

“Mm. I guess so.” Jim lifted a cup to his lips and Spock gave a sniff.

“Speaking of, is that…”

“Pumpkin spice tea. Yes. Uhura got it for me on Starbase 9. She said she saw it in the store and knew because I was a pumpkin spice nut, I would appreciate it. She was right.”

Spock considered. “It does smell good. But was it a recent gift, Captain?”


“I wondered as this is the first time in my presence that you have had a cup and I could not imagine you were, perhaps, holding back from me that you had acquired it.”


“As I recall Nyota returned from Starbase 9 a month ago.”


“The same as the rest of us. And I believe she also found pumpkin spice coffee for you at that time as well.”

Jim bit his lip. “How’d you know that?”

“She was excited to tell me about her findings. This may come as a surprise to you, Jim, but many of the crew think about your preferences when they are at places like the store on Starbase 9. They like to please you.”

“That’s so sweet,” Jim said with a wide smile.

“But you were, in fact, holding back the tea. And I don’t believe Nyota mentioned that purchase to me.  Did you convince her not to tell me?”


Spock shook his head.

“I’ll make you some tonight over chess,” Jim said in a rush. “And, you know…” Jim paused to let his tongue trace over his lips in a deliberate flirtation Spock was well aware of. “Before bed.”

Spock inclined his head. “Very well. And the pumpkin truffles, too.”

“Damn it!” Jim laughed, held his fingers out for Spock, who met them, and then went back to his PADD.