Things are still looney at work but I guess we are settling in.

In the morning it is hot and stuffy in the office and in the afternoon it’s like a walk-in freezer! LOL. Oh well.

Workmen are all around us making noise as they try to get ready for the next group moving in, which I guess is this coming Monday.

The grounds are beautiful and on Wednesdays they have a bunch of different food booths that come.

There’s no designated smoking area outside though so you get hit with the smokers everywhere. They do have these weird things that look like bus stops but are little plastic enclosures for smokers to use but only a few seem to do so and I can see why. They reek like they have 10 years worth of smoke in them.

Next week both of my co-workers are off that do the same job as me so it will be a bit of a challenge to say the least. Oh well.

In other news, I had made a reservation many months ago to go to Morro Bay for the weekend of October 19th. While there I was going to see the Cambria Scarecrow Festival. Cambria is right next door to Morro Bay and also a favorite place. I was so looking forward to it. But, being broke and poor sucks, let me tell you. I made the difficult decision to cancel. It’s just way more money than I ought to spend at this time. So, hopefully, I can plan something for Spring 2020. Sad though.

Supposed to go to a friend’s party Sunday afternoon that I do NOT want to go to. I agreed though, so whatever. But sigh.

I did write a short song flash that’s up on AO3 today, Can’t Smile Without You. Check it out if you get the chance.

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