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There is still one more part to this. And then…surprise surprise, this is the Kirk and Spock you get to read about for every Friday Flash in October, November and December.

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When Jim first woke up, the sound of medbay machinery irritating to his ears, he thought perhaps he had died after all. For there was a warm hand holding his so tenderly. But then his entire body throbbed with excruciating pain that had him sucking in a sharp breath.

“Not dead then.”

His hand was quickly released and then Spock’s face hovered over his, leaning in. “Jim? Jim, are you awake?”

“Obviously,” Jim muttered. Spock’s face was so close to his they could have kissed. Jim didn’t though. He opened his mouth to speak more when Spock’s mouth covered his. “Mmph.”

Spock pulled back, but not far. “I apologize. I was overcome.”

Despite the pain wracking his body, Jim smiled. “You can become overcome any time.”

“Jim, I…” And then he was kissing Jim again.

A throat cleared.

Spock pulled back again, but this time straightened away from Jim.

“Jim, thank God. Chapel told me Spock was attacking you.”

“I was not attacking the captain.”

Bones waved this away and peered down at Jim. “Damn it, Jim. You scared the bejesus out of us.”

“Sorry. I…”

“Be quiet. I’m giving you a lecture. You almost died on us three times since Spock got you back to the ship. Not cool, Jimmy. Not cool at all. Spock and I, not to mention everyone else, almost had heart attacks. We’re too old for this crap.”


Bones’ eyes softened. “I’m not surprised. And there’s some bad news, at least you’ll think so. I think it’s warranted. But let me get you something for the pain. I’ll leave you with the lovesick Vulcan for the moment. Be right back.”