Okay so both Our So-Called Life and Orchestral Maneuvers have now been updated.

I think I am supposed to do Stranded 3 or The Fling next, however, right now I have decided to work on Wednesday’s flash and the last flash for October (since…dunh dunh dunh…they are related. Yes, three or four readers (LOL, that’s a joke thus the LOL), the Jim and Spock who are going to appear in the series of flashes in October, November and December are one and the same who appear in the Super Flashes. I guess that’s your answer on Jim’s fate.

The muse, or whatever, must work on what they desire. And after that I may start the OMS challenge story to have it ready for November. We shall see.

No movie tonight as there isn’t anything out I need to see but I am likely heading to the gym. Cue Olivia’s Let’s Get Physical.