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Spock got closer again and immediately reached for the hand he had been holding before. “Is this all right?”

“Very.” Jim searched Spock’s eyes. “I thought…I mean when I said I loved you, well, you didn’t say it back.”

“You did not allow me to finish. I merely thought it was not the time for us to declare such deep feelings. I never intended to imply I didn’t feel them.” Spock paused. “Jim, everyone on the ship knows of my affection for you, how could you not?”

Jim opened and closed his mouth. Opened it again. “Uh. I don’t know. When were you going to tell me?”

“When it became relevant. As it just did.”

Jim rolled his eyes. At least they didn’t hurt. “Not funny by the way.”

Spock leaned in to kiss him again. “I apologize,” he murmured, kissing Jim’s lips softly.

“Is this real?” Jim asked, breathlessly.

“Yes, ashayam.”

“Okay, break it up, you space boyfriends.” Bones pushed Spock aside and gave Jim a shot.

Jim winced, but honestly the pain wracking his body was worse than any shot pain. “Thanks. I think.”

Bones smoothed the hair off Jim’s forehead. “You’re lucky to be here. We’re lucky you are.”

“That bad huh?”

Bones glanced Spock’s way and then back to Jim. “Worse. This doesn’t leave this room or the three of us, but let’s just say I was lucky to have a serum or two left from a certain someone.”

Jim frowned. “Khan?”

Bones nodded.

“It was still good?”

“Kept it in deep freeze and yeah. Stuff is practically indestructible. But you aren’t. So cut it out, will ya?”

Jim breathed out, glad it didn’t hurt quite as much as before thanks to Bones’ happy shot. “What’s the bad news then?”

Spock stepped forward. “We were forced to inform Starfleet Command of your injuries, Captain.”


“Komack wants you to take a leave,” Bones said.


“A leave of at least three months,” Spock explained. “Your choice of locations.”

Jim’s jaw tightened. “This is bullshit. He can’t take my command away from me!”

“He’s not, Jim. He’s not. No one is being named captain in your place.” Bones patted his shoulder. “Jim, I am telling you, your injuries were bad. You’re not even getting out of this bed for another three weeks.” He held up his hand. “No arguments. None. I’ve had it, Jim.”

Jim bit his lip.

Spock reached for and took Jim’s hand in his as Bones stepped back. “Jim. The Enterprise will be out of commission for those three months. It will be a leave for all of us. Considering the missions we have endured lately, it was highly recommended. And the ship can use some repairs, according to Mr. Scott.”

“So they really aren’t replacing me?”

“They are not. They could not. The crew would mutiny and I have no desire to command while you are away. I hope to spend your leave with you.”

Jim closed his eyes and sighed. “Okay.”

“Do you know where you wish to spend that leave?”

“No,” Jim admitted, opening his eyes to look at Spock. “I can’t believe you’re really here. And that you’re saying all these wonderful things.”

“I am grateful you are here. Doctor McCoy did not exaggerate, Jim. If you had died…”

“I didn’t,” Jim said softly.

“Rest now, ashayam. We have time to decide where our leave will be.”

Jim smiled, feeling suddenly rather loopy. “And to start our life together.”

“Indeed.” Spock leaned down to kiss him once more. “Taluhk nash-veh k’dular.”

Jim’s eyes drifted close. “What…does…that…mean?”

Warm lips on his forehead.

“You are cherished.”