Did update My Devotion. I still love that story so I’ll be continuing it for a while.

I haven’t written a word on Chapter 9 of I Will Follow You. I know what I want to do though, so that’s next because I need to get it scheduled for Wednesday.

After that, for this week, I am doing Didn’t We Almost Have it All and Orchestral Maneuvers. If I have the strength or time after those, The Space in My Bed.

That’s enough, I think.

I know I have other stories to update but I will get to those when I can! Promise.

Speaking of Didn’t We, what do you think of this picture of Chris for it? Yum right

Other than writing, just plugging along with writing, I’ve got work. Don’t know yet about a movie yet. It’s hot and ugly so it’s hard to be motivated to do much of anything else! Even go the movies and there’s not much out I want to see. And there’s lots to watch at home. I am sooo lazy!