For someone who was going to end this blog, you can’t get me to shut up.

Updated Orchestral Maneuvers today. Fun story. I’m loving the guys.

Yesterday I updated Didn’t We Almost Have it All. Love those guys too.

Also wrote the 9th chapter of I Will Follow You into the Dark. Love those…do you see a pattern here?

I sure do.

The purpose here is I got an idea for a shortish Starfleet Academy story. Somehow something one of them reads gives them the idea to switch romantic partners for a week. There are rules. Like it’s all pretend really, that sort of thing. Jim is with Gaila and Spock with Nyota. So they switch and Gaila is with Nyota for a week and Spock with Jim. And as Jim and Spock spend more time together it becomes much much more serious than the two of them imagined (as a side not for anyone worried about the gals, they’d get more cozy too). What do you think?