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So I am…

Thinking out loud. No not the song. Although now that I mention it, you never know when that will become a song fic.

Nine Lives is coming to an end soon. By mid to late summer, surely. And I’ve been promising for a while to continue the story I started in Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, part one of the T’hy’la Chronicles. So I am thinking when Nine Lives is complete, that’s where I’m headed. Likewise, it won’t be much longer for Cadet Ashayam and that leads me to my next story after, Best Friends, in the How I Met My T’hy’la series.

That’s where my thoughts are going. Not sure when I will get to them, but they are coming.

I have a million stories I could write, we all know that. The one from here where Spock marries Uhura and Jim is suddenly very much in Carol Marcus’ orbit again. A full story with Vanik, the match-making child.

First I have to finish the Bang story. Has to be basically finished by the end of this month and then posted in June. I will get my posting date next week I believe. I had been matched with an artist but that’s all I have now. I think I can tell you the title now (pish even if I can’t I’m going to) and it is “The Closer I Get to You”

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you got
Your love has captured me

Anyway there you have it. I’ll post more as I know it.

I have only one more flash to write for May. Will there be M,W and F flashes for June…stay tuned.

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Yeah, Me Again

For someone who was going to end this blog, you can’t get me to shut up.

Updated Orchestral Maneuvers today. Fun story. I’m loving the guys.

Yesterday I updated Didn’t We Almost Have it All. Love those guys too.

Also wrote the 9th chapter of I Will Follow You into the Dark. Love those…do you see a pattern here?

I sure do.

The purpose here is I got an idea for a shortish Starfleet Academy story. Somehow something one of them reads gives them the idea to switch romantic partners for a week. There are rules. Like it’s all pretend really, that sort of thing. Jim is with Gaila and Spock with Nyota. So they switch and Gaila is with Nyota for a week and Spock with Jim. And as Jim and Spock spend more time together it becomes much much more serious than the two of them imagined (as a side not for anyone worried about the gals, they’d get more cozy too). What do you think?

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