There will likely be another one later in August but here’s the one from today.

The Hot Zone! Ha, actually this was from work yesterday. It’s very hot there in August. Usually 90-100 every day. Which is why I call it Woodland Hells (it’s Hills). We move from this location in late September to another location in Woodland Hells.
Before 8, the park is shaded
Purple flowering bush in the park, sometimes there are rabbits hiding in there but I couldn’t find any this morning to take a picture of them. Rascally things.
The trees in the park are full and leafy now but come October, it should be a different story!
The playground is empty now, the families don’t come out this early, but I do because it’s going to be beastly hot later!
Approaching the bridge leading out of the park
The toddler playground, also empty so far in the morning
Our amazing tomato crop courtesy of M!